Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ice City Pictures

Ice City Pictures

Ice city in the world of ice sculptures! So how is this possible? It is possible, it is necessary first of all meet the first and basic condition, constant temperature below zero, a lot of snow, ice and a group of brave and talented artist. We have artists we have working conditions shall begin. Sculptures take shape from the simple purpose-made ice cubes. Since all tools are permitted provided that a stronger development of this truly unusual material for the work. First, starting with crude tools such as different types of saws, hammers and Chisels. Then he moves to the fine tools and materials for the glazing and forming ice. Jan used the ice obtained a special method without air bubbles, and therefore this transparent like glass. People of working time also must meet all safety measures such as protective pants, goggles and gloves due to cold and ice pieces flying air during the formation of the sculpture. Here are some pictures of these truly unique and time-limited sculptures, enjoy and tell me their impressions, and I believe it will be really interesting ..

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