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Search Engines & Directory Services Sites


Surf the web using the best quality search engines & directories on the Internet.

Search Engines & Directory Services
Google - GO - top quality search service with rankings based on site significance. Google's relevancy paradigms have significantly improved the precision & reliability of searching the net. 
- GO - best quality hand crafted search index with high relevancy. 

- GO - sharp new search engine with unique relevancy categories (includes rankings based on site popularity)

Wayback Machine
GO - Internet archive of 10 billion web pages dating from 1996 to present.

 - GO - one of the oldest search engines on the web.

GO - high quality search index & US portal. 

Query Server - GO - excellent meta search engine.

 - GO - top quality meta engine.
Vivisimo - GO - cool meta search engine.

SearchIQ - GO - lists & reviews all the major search engines, indexes & tools.

Open Directory 
GO - the largest "human edited" directory on the web.

ixquick.com - GO - spiffy meta engine with quality rankings. 

GO - large good quality search engine.

- GO - established search service.

Netcraft - GO - find out what servers are used at any specific website.

Librarians' Resource Centre - GO - great toolbox of free databases, technical resources & knowledge management tools.

 - GO - search newsgroups, mailing lists & web forums.

EuroSeek - GO -
 quality European search engine.

Search Engines Portal GO - more good quality search links.

Web Surf Tips

Berkeley Library
 - GO - tutorial on how to locate information on the Internet.

Search Engine Ranking - Resources & Tools Sites

Webmaster Tools & Resources
Here are some of the best search engine ranking tools, domain name resources & webmaster tools.

Search Engine Ranking - Resources & Tools
Search Engine Watch - GO - excellent resource providing great insight into search engine issues & ranking strategies.

Rank Write Roundtable 
GO - search engine ranking & optimization discussion forum.

 - GO - check your websites meta-tags with this top tool.

- GO - web marketing tips, info & tutorials to help optimise your site & improve your search engine rankings. 

Keyword Counter
 GO - useful keyword frequency analyzer.

Search Engine Features
- GO - excellent summary fromSearch Engine Watch. 

Grantastic Designs 
GO - copywriting for top search engine placement & other optimization strategies.

Search Engine Guide
- GO large search engine knowledge base, search engine news & articles, top search terms & over 3,650 search engines to explore. 

Search Engine Forums
 GO - community forums covering all the top search engines. Tips to improve search engine rankings.

Webmasters Resources

Pay Pal - GO - accept online payments & credit card transactions through your website with Pay Pal - easy, reliable & trustworthy. 

Internet Content Rating System 
GO - web content code of practice.

NUA Internet Surveys
GO - excellent statistics & information on Internet trends.

Atlas of Cyberspaces GO - maps of cyberspace to help visualize the new electronic territories of the Internet.

Internet Traffic Report
GO - monitor global data flows & net traffic.

 GO - Internet facts & stats concerning domain names, e-commerce, advertising & web tech.

 - GO - leading edge network monitoring & statistics services with outstanding technical support & customer service.

Site Evaluation Techniques 
GO - assessment questions & links to evaluation techniques for the TRIO Think Quest competition - an initiative of the US Dept. of Education & Washington University.

WebReference.com - GO - top Mecklermedia site devoted to webmastery.

Helpful Resources for writing HTML GO - intro to the basics of web site building.

Web Developer's Virtual Library
 - GO -
original encyclopedia of web technology. 
- GO - 
cool tools for Geeks & those aspiring to Geekdom. 

 - GO -
 top tutorial resources for webmasters & programmers.

GO - web developers resources. 
GO - developer news & analysis. 
Web Style Guide
GO - comprehensive website development guide.

Website Testing Guidelines GO - information & resources to assist you to test your website quality & useablity.

Web Design Resources
GO - web design resource links.

Web Techniques GO - design & development news, insight & community.

TUCOWS - GO - huge collection of Winsock software for download.

- GO - review a massive selection of Windows & Linux software. 

Tech Republic
 - GO - IT community network.

Webmaster World
GO - forums about the top search engines & webmaster resources. 

 - GO - comprehensive web development resources.

Net Mechanic
 - GO - power tools for your website.

 GO - quality array of IT resources, tools, news & Top 100 site selections.

PC Pitstop - GO - diagnostics & tips on keeping your PC at it's optimum performance.

AnandTech - GO - hardware analysis, news & community.

Babelfish Language Translator 
GO - 
international language translation service from Alta Vista.

Universal Currency Converter
 - GO -
Google Language Tools - GO -

Domain Name Resources & Tools

Domain Registration - GO - register your own Domain Name at this quality registrar.

- GO - a comprehensive & current domain name WHOIS service.

SWhois - GO - global domain name WHOIS - includes country domains.

Sam Spade GO - lots of cool tools & utilities.

 - GO - cross reference domain name searches with trademark search & other useful naming tools.

Email Support Services

Spam Cop - GO - fight unwanted spam.

The SpamCon Foundation GO - Internet industry coalition seeking to establish anti-spam best practices.

The Spamhaus Project
GO - tracks low standard ISP's who profit from spam & exposes major spammers.

Network Abuse
 - GO - report spammers, network abuse & abusive behavior to this clearinghouse.

 Security Resources

SANS Institute GO - practical guide to eliminating the top ten Internet security risks - a must read for systems administrators.

GO - top quality service highlighting Internet security vulnerabilities.

Problems with E-Commerce Security - GO - revealing article on the realities of online security.

Server Security GO - scary summary of web server security survey.

Cracker Diaries GO - inside look at the lives of the cyber crims. 

TakeDown GO - detail in story of the infamous cracker Kevin Mitnick & the high tech drama of his stunning detection & capture by the brilliant Tsutomu Shimomura.

Hacker Hotel GO - report from a fun filled hacker confest - eFawlty Towers.

TCP Protocol Fault GO - fatal flaws in TCP initial sequence numbers. It's a doosy.

SNMP Fault GO - the trillions of hours of human life wasted in updating faulty software code (see below) is nothing compared to what could happen with this one.

Critical Microsoft Flaw
 - GO - a very serious fault in MS Java Virtual machine - and a worrying XP vulnerability.

Windows Security Flaw
 - GO - yet another serious Microsoft security problem for the world to deal with.

File Sharing Vulnerabilities
- GO - HP labs initial research reveals Kazaa file sharing on the web is risky business.

How Hackers Escape
- GO - reasons to be most careful about who to trust with your private details. 

Security Faults in Web Mail
 - GO - more good reasons to protect your privacy & use only top quality e-mail providers.

 - GO - excellent service of the anti virus emergency response team.

Trend Micro
GO - virus identification & management resources. 

Fight Back
 - GO - AntiOnline tool kit & tips to enhance online security.

Security Focus
 - GO - Internet security news, vulnerabilities & resources.

Help Net Security 
GO - fresh security news, vulnerabilities & alerts, bookstore, articles & tips.

Internet Security Systems
 - GO - Internet security news, vulnerabilities & events.

About Network Sniffers
 - GO - introductory article & information about network sniffers.

Privacy Resources

Epic GO - electronic privacy information center.

GO - extensive information, test tools & privacy resources.

Electronic Frontier Foundation
GO - defending digital privacy, civil liberties & free expression on the Internet.

Anonymizer GO - surf the web anonymously.

The Cloak
GO - surf the web with encrypted connection & remote cookies.

GO - private email with end to end security.

Fun Stuff & Popular Websites

Links to some of the best humor, fun & games web sites. 
Fun Stuff & Popular Websites
Laugh Lab GO - get your giggle glands over to the laugh lab where you can submit & rate the world's funniest jokes with your smileometer. 

Get Your Name on Mars
 - GO - 
NASA did rocket express 3.5 mill names to Mars & pulled off an amazing scientific achievement. If you registered your name - you can now collect your personal Mars Landing Certificate. 

Disney - GO - lots of top entertainment & online fun.

 - GO - popular GPS treasure hunt - WAP enabled.

- GO - share your memories & become a part of history. 

 - GO - good collection of virtual games.

Blogger - GO - photo blogging is a fun & easy way to get a personal web presence.

 - GO - 
animated educational resources, clever multimedia, good fun & excellent quizzes.

 - GO - cool kids stuff.

 - GO
 - interactive amusement park from Macromedia - fun stuff.

 - GO - great fun zones.

- GO - fun animation, comedy & movies on demand. 

 - GO - 
brain teasers, illusions & puzzles for all puzzlanics.

 - GO - explore the science of fun at this innovative site full of puzzles, games & illusions.

SandLot Science
GO - interactive guide to optical illusions.

Fun Trivia
 GO - quicksand for the mind - start thinking about all this stuff & you may never get out of this site. Tons of well organized trivia.

A Gadzillion Things to Think About - GO - over 5000 provocative questions designed to make you think. Lots of insightful & funny contradictions in here. 

Berit's Best
 GO - 
1000 top sites for kids to explore.

The Mensa Workout
 GO - 
nourish your neurons.

Two Thought Screamers
- GO our irreverent guide to dealing with idiots.

Urban Legends - GO myths & yarns, legends, rumors & hoaxes.

JK Rowling - GO author of the outstanding Harry Potter story - Harry Potter news, rumours, fan sites & extra material not included in the books. 

Comics & Animated Cartoons
Looney Tunes Teach the Internet GO - learn Internet basics & get web tips from your favorite Looney Tunes characters. 

Captain Chewing
- GO - rough up some penguins & win a top Flash award with the cute Captain Chewing. 

- GO - top quality original animated entertainment. 

Mondo Media 
- GO - clever animated "minishows".Cartoon Network GO - watch web cartoons & movies, learn about the classics or draw your own cartoons, studio tours & more

Atomic Cartoons 
GO - cool cartoons from this premier Canadian animation studio.

Londons Times 
- GO - over 2,500 funny cartoons & contributions from some top illustrators. 
GO - join Bulbo on adventures, watch toons & movies or join the fan club.

GO - over 60 different comic strips including Snoopy, Dilbert & others.

- GO - daily cartoon & archives of the adventures of Charlie Brown, Snoopy & the gang. 

GO - cool web animation.

Salon Comics 
GO - daily strips include Bizarro World.

Smashing Ideas
 - GO - leading edge web animators - check out the games case studies.

Toonland - GO -
 hundreds of mini animations.
YukYuk GO - interactive cartoons.

GO - illustrations, animations, comics & cartoons from Austria.

A Perfect World GO - laugh at human nature with this goofy comic strip - archives are worth it.

Animation Artist Magazine
GO - digital media community with daily animation news, screening room, features & tutorials.

Top Game Sites
Happy Puppy - GO - keep up to date with the top games including Nintendo, Dreamcast & web games.

 - GO - top gaming site from ZDNet with news, reviews, game guide, hints & much more.

GameCenter - GO - ground zero for hard core gamers.

Lucas Arts GO - developers of Star Wars, Armed & Dangerous, Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom etc.

EA Games GO - Electronic Arts - GO - developers behind Medal of Honor (MOH) see also Medal of Honor UK- MOH cheats for PC & MAC - other Allied Assult tips.

 - GO - astonishing array of shockwave games.

GameScene - GO - wide variety of cool games to keep the neurons firing.

 - GO - top hub for game designers, artists, developers & producers.

Gamers Central
GO - explore the world of gaming.

GO - fun fun fun.

 - GO - gamers resources, news & boards.

 - GO - good PC gaming site for GameBoy, Sega, Playstation resources & gaming gear.

GO - freeware games from SGI.

 - GO - movie games, card games, party games, board games & more - in four languages. 

Magic & Magic Tricks
MagicTricks.com - GO - online magic store with a great collection of magic tricks & special effects for magicians at all levels. Magic guide, magic museum & library.

Trendy Magic
GO - world magicians, web magic, magic store & more. 

Humor & Jokes
Comedy Central - GO - comedy, BattleBots, movies, downloads, comedy radio & more.

GO - joke search with adult filter, humor site of the week. 

Laughter - GO -
jokes for public speakers, social climbers, party hosts & comedians. 

Family Humor Archive - GO - 
good clean fun. 

Starting Page 
GO -
 list of best humor & joke sites on the web.

Just Joking
 - GO -
hundreds of ha ha's.

 - GO -
international festival of humor & satire.

Joke Of The Day
 - GO -
daily email jokes.

 - GO -
enough to make you cry.

 - GO -
designed to offend everyone.

Comedy Zone
 - GO -
big collection of comedy. 

Legal Humor
 - GO -
lawyer bashing & other legal idiocies.

 - GO -
world's best tech humor site according to the funny people at The Reg.

Random Joke GO - jokes & funny stories.

Joke O Rama
 - GO -
 humorous lists, funny quotes, animation, funny pictures, cartoons & more - viewer discretion advised.

The Jokes Barn
 - GO -
making the world funnier - one joke at a time.

 - GO -
funny photos, humor, quotes, links.

 - GO -
 the center for the easily amused.

Joke Warehouse
 - GO -
short Friendship . . . , jokes, long jokes.

Joke Post
 - GO -
 thousands of posted jokes.

Searchable Humor Archive
 - GO -
 more than 4,000 jokes.

Science & Technology Sites

Links to some of the best science & technology web sites.
Science & Technology Sites

GO - speciality search engine for scientific literature.

Science & Technology News Network GO - fascinating science news & in-depth articles on general science, the environment, genetics, space, health & technology.

UNESCO/ICSU Conference on Science
 - GO - official World Conference on Science Web site. 

Astrobiology at NASA
 - GO
searching for the origins, distribution & future of life in the universe.
EurekaAlert GO - 
recent postings by research institutions & scientific organizations. 

Science Magazine
 - GO
highly respected scientific journal.

Science Daily
 - GO - breaking news & the latest in scientific research.

GO - international weekly journal of science, includes science update.

How Things Work
 - GO - useful science site built around intriguing questions.

Popular Science GO - fuel for the curious mind.

Scientific American - GO - science news, resources & reviews.

New Scientist - GO - good quality science news, articles & reports.

NICEM - GO - national information center for educational & training media - films, audio, DVD, kits & more. 

Closer To Truth
GO - wonderful minds deliberating the deeper issues of life & our times. 

Beyond 2000
GO - window on the future. 

Great Thinkers & Visionaries
 - GO - big bunch of troublemakers.

 - GO -
 explore the amazing world of "mysterious mutli-flavored neutrinos" at the Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment.

The Neurosciences Institute
 - GO - shedding light on the most complex "self organizing" system in the known universe - your brain.

 - GO - 
latest physics news & information. 

Technology Review
 - GO
 - MIT's magazine of innovation.

Mad Scientist Network
 - GO - get your questions answered by the collective cranium of a bunch of mad scientists, run some crazy experiments or browse the collection of oddities.

The Why Files - GO - learn the science behind the news

 - GO - American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Discovery Online GO - rich site full of news & articles about human behavior, history, planet earth, space, tech issues & much more.

Smithsonian Magazine
 - GO - read the magazine, explore art, science & history - vsee the image gallery & visit the kid's castle.

Discover Magazine
 - GO - science news, web picks, feature stories & NeuroQuest mini lessons on how the mind & brain work.

The Invention Dimension
 - GO - MIT's invention resources include The Inventor's Handbook, video library, Inventor of the Week, awards program & a tons of toys for gadget fanatics.

The Science Museum
 - GO - rich entertaining & educational exhibits from the London Science Museum.

Significant Event Imagery
 - GO - 
stunning satellite images of the world's big events.

Exploratorium - GO - museum of science, art & human perception

Scanning Electron Microscope
 - GO - take a unique microscopic look at the world or browse the archive of magnificent magnifications.

Explore Science - GO - great demonstration of the usefulness of interactivity in science education.

Try ScienceGO - fun science experiments for kids, in six languages.

Public Library of Science GO - promoting free access to the world's scientific & medical literature


NASA - GO - simply breathtaking accomplishments from this group - they can (& do) take your browser where "no browser has gone before" - & they do it nearly every day. The real time active tracking & video links with current spaceflights should not be missed.

Chandra X-Ray Observatory - GO -
 gateway to the hot universe of black holes, exploding stars & Galaxy clusters - untangling some of the deepest mysteries in the universe. Great education resources & quality galleries.

Hubble Space Telescope - GO - beautiful images of our universe being born, multimedia, interactive fun & games, Hubble facts & figures.

Imagine the Universe
 - GO - get the lowdown about our universe in a clear & concise format. Ask your burning cosmic questions, or just sit back & view the great videos of the heavens.

Space.com - GO - reflect on heavenly news, play games, watch videos, track missions & launches, join a community search for extraterrestrial lifeforms.

Solar System Simulator - GO - view the universe from any point of view with this spyglass on the cosmos.

Windows to the Universe
 - GO - fun & different site about earth & space presented at three levels catering for beginning space cadet, intermediate solar system captain & advanced deep space commander types.

Astronomy Picture of the Day GO - simple site with daily "pin up photos" for astronomers - with picture bios & links for further research. Archives of specific subjects such as black holes & spiral galaxies.

Ask Dr Universe - GO - the world's most curious cat answers kid's questions about the universe. Dr. Universe answers some of life's most confounding questions.

Bad Astronomy - GO - correcting science myths & solving some puzzling science questions.

The Nine Planets - GO - multimedia tour of the solar system.

Solar System Live - GO - view the universe from any time point or position with this interactive tool - also anearth & moon viewer.

Home Planet Tracking Software GO - astronomy & satellite tracking package.

 - GO - large database of photos of the earth from the past 15 years.

Non-Messier Objects Database
 - GO - images of deep space objects. 

Planet Earth

 - GO - bringing nature to life.

The Living Edens - GO - derived from the PBS series of the same name, this site transports you to the pristine undisturbed corners of the world - full of geographical information & wildlife profiles.

Environment News Network
GO - global environment issues, legislative & judicial decisions, demonstrations, conferences. Also tips on becoming an Earth-Smart consumer & making businesses more sustainable.

Ocean Planet 
GO - An underwater tour of the Pacific Ocean - based on real data - created by NASA scientists for the Ocean Planet Exhibit.

Sea & Sky GO - nicely presented resources taking a deep look at the oceans & skies - information provided in different levels to best match audience needs.

Exploring the Environment- GO -
 Earth Science modules that use satellite imagery & solution-based learning methodology as tools for students to investigate environmental problems.

Transcendent Nature - GO - exquisite photography & nature imagery. 

 - GO -
 global environmental community. 

Wildlife Photography - GO - nature & landscape photography. Learn about our natural world through the inner vision of nature photographer Gary D.Tonhouse. 
Encylopedia of the Atmospheric Environment
GO -
 good source of information on a range of atmospheric issues, including weather, climate, pollution, acid rain, global warming & ozone depletion. 

Co2 Science Magazine - GO -
 center for the study of carbon dioxide & global change.

Fractal Art

Mandelbrot Set Explorer - GO - create your own fractal art. 

Fractal Movie Archive
 - GO - big fractal collection.

Basin Pictures
 - GO - more art of chaos.

Freeware Fractal Generator 
GO - from the Stone Soup team.

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