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Islamic Scientific Facts 
Islamic Scientific Facts 
Scientific facts already mentioned in the Qur'an.
The Holy Qur'aan was revealed more than 14
centuries ago . . . but it contains so many of the
scientific facts - some of the facts have been
discovered recently while others are to bediscovered later.

Science : Finger tips can be used for Identification
Qur'an : Does man think We cannot assemble his bones?
Yes . . . We are able to put together in perfect
order the very tip of his fingers.
Science : Atoms are found in pairs
Qur'an : Glory be to ALLAH, Who created in pairs all things
that the earth produces, as well as their own( human )
kind, and other things of which they have no knowledge.
Science : Honey is healing for mankind
Qur'an : Comes from their ( the bees ) belleis
a drink of varying colours, wherein is healing
for human being. Verily in this is a sign forpeople who reflect.
Science : Separation of salt and sea water
Qur'an : Verily He is the One Who has joined
the two seas: this is palatable and sweet, and
this is salty and bitter. And He made a barrier
between the two of them, and a partition thatis forbidden to be passed.
Science : Milk as a wholesome meal
Qur'an : And verily for you in the cattle there
is an instructive sign ( lesson ). We give you to
drink of that which is in their bellies from
between excretions and blood, pure milkpalatable to the drinkers.
Science : Oceans have darkness under their surfaces
Qur'an : Or as darkness in a vast, deep sea,
there it covers waves, from above which are
waves, from above which are clouds. Darkness
on top of each other. If a man stretches out his
hand, he can hardly see it. And whoever ALLAH
does not make light for him, for him there is nolight.
Science : Iron and steelQur'an : And We sent down Iron, in which is
severe strength and benefits for mankind.
Verily in this is a Sign for people who reflect.Science : Sun and Moon
Qur'an : It is not permitted to the sun to catch
up with the Moon, nor the night outstrip theDay. Each floats in an orbit.
Science : Creation of living creatures from water
Qur'an : We made from water every living thing.
Science : Mountains have roots inside the earth
Qur'an : Have We not made the earth as a
wide expanse, and the mountains as pegs. 

Islamic Links

Islamic Links
Links to some informative Islamic websites
Here I tried to provide some links to informative Islamic sites. I m sure these would be rather more useful to u ppl in search of matter about islam.

I will try my best to keep on updating the site...Inshallah. For this I need the co-operation of my brothers & sisters who visit the site.
Search Engines
Islamseek search engine and Internet content site.

Lycos One of the most visited hubs on the Internet reaching one out of every two web users.
Yahoo! With over half a million sites divided into more than 25,000 categories, Yahoo! is both browseable and searchable.
InfoSeek GO Network is a new brand that brings together the very best of the Internet in one, easy to use place.
Some Islamic Sites
Beconvinced Best Islamic site.. Here you can find great material about islam.
Maryam and Fatima's Islam Page information regarding Allah, the Qur'an, and other aspects of Islam.

The Noble Qur'an a Message from Allah to humanity.

Islam Questions & Answers aims to provide intelligent, authoritative responses to questions about Islam, and to help solve general and personal social problems. Islam overview of the religion: its history, beliefs and practices, and sacred texts.

Religion of Islam source of information on Islam from the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia
Al-Islam resources, articles, books, sayings and more. resource of Islamic knowledge for Muslims and individuals who are studying the religion of Islam.

Investigating Islam Everything you wanted to know about Islam but were afraid to ask!

Islamic Miracles

Islamic Miracles
Here are some pictures of Islamic Miracles
Please note that Muslims do not base their faith on such sights. Our anchor is the Quran, our Holy Book and the abundant knowledge and wisdom on life, science, nature, etc. within it. If you wish to see a REAL miracle - these sights are not it - Read the Quran.
Click on the pics to see a larger one
Special Fish
Muhammad Abdullah holding a toman with markings which resembles the Jawi writing for "YA ALLAH YA MALIK"
Tree Resembling a Man Praying
This miracle was discovered in a forest near sydney, the Tree is bowed in a muslim prayer picture, and it is bowed directly to mecca where all muslim turn to in their prayer...Allah Akbar.

The Fish Inscription
The story of the fish began when Mr. George Wehbi, a Christian Lebanese, was practicing his fishing hobby, in Dakar, Senegal(the capital of West Africa). He caught many fish. When he went home his wife saw among them a strange fish about 50cms in length, with some Arabic writing on it. He took it to Sheikh al-Zein, who read clearly what was written in a natural way, that could not be done by a human being, but rather a Godly creation which the fish was born with. He read:"God's servant" on its belly and "Muhammad" near its head, and "His Messenger" on its tail.
The Penang Bridge.
This photo is taken at the longest bridge in Malaysia, the Penang Bridge.
The Bee Inscription
This is name "ALLAH" made by some inspired bees
Turkish Mosque
A mosque still stands amidst the rubble of collapsed buildings in this aerial view of a neighborhood in the western Turkish town of Golcuk, 60 miles east of Istanbul, August 19, 1999. The death toll from western Turkey's worst recorded earthquake surpassed 6,000, as hope waned of finding any of the thousands still missing under the mountains of rubble.
German Forest Miracle
"This image shows a side of one of the Farms
in a Gemany , where the tree branches,
in a wonderful style shows (In Arabic) the oness word,
"La Ilaha Illa Allah, Muhammadun Rasul Allah"
This makes the hearts beat with belief in ALLAH the creator of this universe who is able to do anything He wants. Consequently, this picture shows that "Islam" is the great innate religion. As soon as the German people saw this image many of them converted to this nature religion. Infront of this great incident, the spiteful German Government surrounded that part of the farm and prevented the people from visiting it, since the government was worried that by seeing this farm, people will be fascinated. 

Islamic Miracles

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quran miracles

islamic miracles movies

islamic miracles 2009

miracles muhammad pbuh

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About Islam

About Islam
Islam "The Ideal Religion"
Islam is a universal religion revealed to rectify the corrupted belief of mankind and to set the seal to previous Scriptures. It enjoys respect and veneration for all prophets and is not a religion of egoism that teaches hatred and animosity to others; nor does it require its followers to believe only in their particular prophet imputing falsehood to those other religions.
No! The spirit of Islam rises far above this and enjoys the belief in all the apostles of Allah for thus Muhammad was addressed:

"And we have sent apostles before thee; the story of whom We have told thee; and the story of others We have told thee not"

Islam has led mankind to the pure founts of religion and freed their minds from the confusion of misguidance and superstitions.
The tenets of Islam are purely intellectual and absolutely uncontaminated with delusions, superstitious beliefs and pernicious customs. They were not ordained in accordance with censure of a particular people, but were instituted in strict accordance with truths established from all times and suited to all races of mankind.
Teachings of Islam
The teachings of Islam are classified into three mian clauses:

1. Avowal of one creator and the admitting of the day of judgement
2. Actions which pertain to the Hereafter
3. Actions, which pertain to, the regulation of temporal affairs and amelioration's of life's conditions.

The fundamental precept of Islam is the acceptance of monotheism and the purging of souls of sin and wickedness. Its texts clearly point out that salvation is the outcome of mental and moral striving and that deviation is the result of moral inactivity.

A philosopher has rightly remarked in this connection that the great thinkers of the world have been deeply in search for a religion which fulfills the material needs and the spiritual aspiration of mankind. They searched for one which combines these two in a just and harmonious accordance, thus establishing the right proportion between the respective claims of both in such a way so as to keep them with in bounds and to withhold the one from dominating the other.
BUT they discovered it nowhere except in ISLAM, which guaranteed salvation in this world, and Hereafter.
As it says

"Worship Allah as if u behold Him , for if u do not behold Him, He beholdeth you."

It ordains prayer in gratitude and thankfulness to the Beneficent Bestower, fasting which leads to the elevation of mind and to the purification of soul, and the almsgiving which constitute the allotment to the poor one fortieth on the capital per year, in gaining Allah's favor and people's affection.

It enjoys prudence, judiciousness in judgement, thankfulness and fear of the Almighty and faith in and resignation unto Him. It further enjoins mercy to and compassion upon mankind, honesty and integrity, fulfillment on promises, perfect faith and yet to labor for one's living, toleration, hastening to the doing of good and also unwavering determination in upholding the tenets of religion.
It enjoins love of Allah, the seeking of His favor, and reliance upon Him. Lastly, it enjoins to free the human soul from the dire influence of desire and to bring it to account for the wrongs preprated by it, thus purging it of all defects and imperfections which defile it.

It is for this reason that mankind pursued the Islamic civilization and that it spread in a fashion unprecedented in the annals of history.

May the Almighty Allah shower His mercies upon mankind and guide them to that wherein lies their salvation in this world and Hereafter.

Historical Islamic Information

Historical Islamic Information
Here are some pics of sacred locations
Click on the pics to see a larger one

Badar Graveyard

This is the view of badar graveyard.Near the battle field of Badar where muslims fought against Kuffars for the first time.It was 2 hijra.
First Mountain on Earth
The beautiful view of tunnel cut through the famous mountain "Jabl-e-AbuQabis" in Makka. According to the traditions this mountain was the first ever to be created over the planet.
Battle field of Uhdh
A view of the battle field of Uhudh in which Holy prophet (p.b.u.h) was injured and 70 muslims led their lives & martyred for the cause of Islam
Hazrat Usman(May Allah be please with him) who was the son-in-law of Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) & 3rd Caliph of Muslims bought this well in a huge amount and dedicate it for the welfare of muslims while there was extreme shortage of drinkable water
An unbelievable Miracle
A Jin(Ghost) accidently captured by camera mear the Hira cave during Haj. The creature was seen only after the film was processed.Probably it get stunt for the milliseconds by the strong flashthat it materialise itself. Allahu'Alam.
Grave of Hazrat Haleema Sadia(R.A.A)
Sore Cave
Sore Cave, where holy prophet(P.B.U.H) stayed with his fellow n muslim's first Caliph Hazrat Abu-Bakar(May Allah be please with him). When kuffars of Mecca where looking around to kill them but with Allah's help they neither saw nor heard 'em
Hajra-e-Aswad, The sacred stone
Pilgrims, doing Saai between Safa & Marwa
Grave of Hazrat Safia(R.A.A)
Graveyard of Madina where 10,000 sahaba (fellows of Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H)) and thousands of Tabieen(fellows of Sahaba) are burried.Graves are made according to the Sunnah.



The Holy Mosque in Makkah is the most revered place of worship for Muslims around the world. At the center of the Mosque is the Ka'aba, which literally means 'cube' in Arabic. All Muslims are required to face in the direction of the Ka'aba five times every day when offering their prayers.We believe that the Ka'aba, constructed of stone blocks, was originally built by Prophet Abraham and his son Ishmail. Many believe it was erected on the original site of a sanctuary established by the first Prophet, Adam. Embedded in the corner of the structure is the Black Stone, a meteorite used by Abraham as a foundation stone.Over the years, the message of Abraham was forgotten, and the Ka'abah became filled with idols, some say as many as 365 of them. People continued to make the pilgrimage, but it had become an idolatrous business enterprise for the pagan tribe of the Qu'raysh, the residents of the city of Makkah who were the traditional custodians of the Ka'abah.After the peaceful re-conquest of Makkah in the year 630 AD by Prophet Muhammad, the Ka'abah was purified of the idols in it and the pilgrimage made obligatory for all Muslims at least once in a lifetime, if feasible, and worship returned to that of Allah alone, the one and only God and Creator. At that time, the Holy Mosque consisted of an open circular plaza no larger that 2,000 square meters, located in the center of the city.

Madina Munawwara

Madina Munawwara

An aalim was in Madina tul Munawwarah for Ziarah. One day, when he had taken his meal, he threw the crumbs / leftovers out in the open for birds to eat. By chance he came out again and saw a small boy picking up the leftovers and eating them. The aalim felt very sad and took the boy inside, gave him food and asked him about himself. The boy told the aalim that he was an orphan and that he had several brothers and sisters. His mother had difficulty finding enough food for all of them. The aalim made friends with the boy and asked him to come to Pakistan where he would give him education, food and clothes and when he was old enough to support himself, he could come back to Madina. The boy took the aalim to his mother. The mother was happy to hear that her son would become an aalim. She willingly allowed the boy to leave.As the day of departure came closer, the boy would ask the aalim questions about Pakistan. He would ask, "Would there be toys?" The aalim replied that he will Insha Allah buy toys for him. Then he would ask, would there be playgrounds there too? The aalim replied, yes, my son. Then he would ask, " Would I get new clothes." The aalim replied in the affirmative. Then he would ask, "Would I get food too?" The aalim would reply in the affirmative.One day, the boy asked, "Would there be this Green dome (Gunbad E Khidra) too?" The aalim replied, " No my son, this would not be there. If it were there, why would we come here? We have come all the way just to visit this place!" At this, the boy replied, " I can live without food, without clothes, without toys and playground, but I shall not go if the Gunbad E Khidra (Rauda E Rasool Sall Allah Ho Alaihe Wa Sallam) is not there . . ."
Mosque of The Holy Prophet
In this palace of the Prophet, the space is articulated with supreme genius. To one side is the Gate of Gabriel, leading on, and in, to the Rawda, and to the mihrab in which the Messenger himself laid his forehead on the earth in adoration of God. On one side is the dakka, the carved marble platform on which the muezzin and his assistants await the appointed time. On the other rises the gold grille beyond which lies the cool and shaded silence beneath the great dome. The air here is perfumed by the rarest of incense and musk, announcing the presence, beneath the flagstones, of the Best of Creation.The proximity is overwhelming for some pilgrims, whose humility and awe forces them to sit at a respectful distance, perhaps some way down the mosque. Others cannot sit too close. Everywhere, there is worship, bowing and prostration, the mellifluous murmuring of the Qur'an, and wordless contemplation.A hadith tells us that "Prayer in my mosque is a thousand times better than prayer in any other mosque, saving only the Sacred Mosque itself." As the iqama sounds, and half a million men and women rise with longing for the prayer, the calculation does not feel like an overstatement.Prayer in the Rawda is especially sought after. A hadith affirms that "the space between my grave and my pulpit is one of the Meadows of Paradise." Here, listening to the awesome gravity of God's word, the continuity with the blessed past is felt intensely. The greatest saints and scholars of Islam have stood here: after the Companions came countless thousands: all the great souls of Islam have prayed here, humbled by the Prophetic presence.After the silent prayers of the day, the worshippers drink the words of the Qur'an thirstily. The greetings of peace are given, and the lines break up as they worship individually. Circles of remembrance form in the Rawda, as turbanned Turks repeat a litany, guided by their teacher, prayer-beads in hand. Nigerians, Uzbeks, Bangladeshis, Indonesians and every other national does likewise. These pilgrims know that they are in the presence of the most influential man in history. He had found a people divided by the crudest pagan ignorance, and left them united in the purest and most exalted monotheism. Formerly they had denied life after death; twenty three short years on, they lived with it constantly before their eyes. He had found them unable to rule themselves, torn by agelong vendettas, knowing no law other than the selfish interest of the tribe and the individual's honour; and he left their hearts so united that they withstood the shock of his death, and went out to liberate the world!
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) decided to leave Mecca because the Meccan chiefs had taken action to kill him at his home. It was the year 622 CE. As far the choice of migrating to Medina (known as Yathrib at that time), the decision was made easier by the second ‘Pledge of Aqaba’ made a year before on the occasion of the annual rites of pilgrimage. The pledge was made by seventy three men and two women of Khazraj and Aws communities of Medina. They had accepted Islam and wanted to invite the Prophet to migrate to Medina. Their motivation for this move, apart from recognizing him as the Prophet, the trustworthy, and the best in conduct in Mecca, was to bring peace and security between the Khazraj and Aws. They were often at war with each other and the Battle of Bu'ath had shattered their strength completely. They desperately needed a leader who could be trusted by both communities and bring peace in Medina. As part of the pledge, they were to protect the Prophet as they would protect their women and children if he were attacked by the Meccans.The immediate result of the Prophet’s migration to Medina was peace and unity between the communities of Aws and Khazraj. The Prophet, motivated by the general welfare of citizens of Medina, decided to offer his services to the remaining communities including the Jews. He had already laid down the basis for relationship between the Emigrants from Mecca (known as Muhajirin) and Medinites (known as the Ansar, the helpers).The Treaty between Muslims, non-Muslim Arabs and Jews of Medina was put in writing and ratified by all parties. It has been preserved by the historians. The document referred to Muhammad (pbuh) as the Prophet and Messenger of God but it was understood that the Jews did not have to recognize him as such for their own religious reasons.The first written constitution of a State ever promulgated by a sovereign in human history emanated from the Prophet of Islam. It was enacted from the first year of Hijrah (622 CE). The treaty stipulated a city state in Medina, allowing wide autonomy to communities. Private justice was to be banished. The head of the State had the prerogative to decide who should participate in an expedition, the war and peace being indivisible. Social insurance was to be instituted.

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Islamic Beautiful Wallpapers on Madina

Islamic Beautiful Wallpapers on Madina


Historical PICs of Islam, Hazrat Mohammed S.A.W

Historical PICs of Islam, Hazrat Mohammed S.A.W

Hair of Beard of the Prophet SAW
Foot Print Of the Prophet Mohammad S.A.W

Sword Of the Prophet (SAW)
Other Swords Of the Prophet SAW

This Box contains teeth of the Prophet
Sword Of The Prophet

Box Containing Mus Of Kaaba
Seal Of the Prophet SAW (Stamp)

Clothing of the Prophet SAW
Hair of the Prophet

Letter of the Prophet SAW
Cases Of Swords

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