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Become World’s Greatest Business Mind within Seconds

 Become World’s Greatest Business Mind within Seconds
his post is a funny trick which you can use to flatter you friends, hence, you may skip reading this post if you are looking for some tech stuff here.

business mind

Recently, one of my friend invited me to view a video. I was wondering what exactly it was, when I opened the link provided by him, it turned out to be a funny video wherein the world’s top politicians, famous business tycoons appreciating and talking about my friend who invited me to view the video. Not only that, even the same name were in news headlines and all popular periodicals.

After viewing the same video, even I created one and its here. Just have a look on it, if you like it too then you too can create the same video with your name on it, in not more than 2 minutes.. :-)|Create

In the above link, just replace "deepak-jain" to your name and you are done.

example :|Create
Red : First Name
Green : Last nName

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Shayri on Rickshaw

Shayri on Rickshaw

  • Maalik Ki Gaadi Driver Ka Paseena - Chalti Hai Road Par Ban Kar Haseena
  • Buri Nazar Wale, Tera Moonh Kala
  • Mera Mulk Mahan (Lekin Janta Pareshan)
  • Qismat Aazma Chuka, Muqadar Aazma Raha Hoon - Aik Baywafa Kay Kahtir Riksha Chala Raha Hoon
  • Chandni Raat Beeti Jaa Rahi Hai - Ullu Ki Patthi, Too Ab A Rahi Hai
  • Kabhee Side Say Aatee Ho Kabhee Peechay Say Aatee Ho - Meree Jaan Horn Day Day Kar Mujhay Tum Kyon Satateey Ho
  • Maan Ki Dua Jannat Ki Hawa - Maan Ki Bud-Dua Ja Beta Rickshaw Chala
  • Pappu Yaar Tang Na Ker!
  • Zehreeli Nagan
  • Koi Jal Gaya, Kisi Nai Dua Di
  • Quaid-E-Azam Nay Farmaya - Tu Chal, Main Aayaa
  • Main Phir Aaon Ga
  • Tapar Hai To Paar Kar Warna Bardaasht Kar
  • Maan Ki Dua, Baap Ka Chamaat
  • Dekh Magar Pyar Se!
  • Khatharnaak Rambo
  • Horn Day Ker Paas Kerain
  • Chal Dhanno
  • Phir Milayngay
  • Akhri Shahzada
  • Tera Jadoo Chal Gya
  • Hosh Ker Kherghosh
  • Wo Dekho Mastani Ja Rahi Hay
  • Khuda Keray Haseenoo Ke Baap Mar Jeyeen - Maut Ka Bahana Ho Hum Un Ke Ghar Jeyeen, abey Kambakath Aisa Soochna Bhi Paap Hoga - Kissi Rooz Tu Bhi Kissi Haseen Ka Baap Hoga

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Daddy Internet laga dein

 Dil ka connection miladein,
Daddy Internet laga dein ,
Mujhe aaya mail dostoun ka,
Kab lagay Ga itna Bata dein

Homework pura hota nahi,
Raat ko mein sota nahi,
Jab mood ho parhai ka,
Homework koi hota nahi.

Net bhi hai kamaal cheez,
Bas aati ho agar chalani keys,
Waisay to bohot hai kaam is Kay,
Par chatting pe lagti nahi fees.

Aap kehte hain mein shor machaon Ga,
Try karo mein naraz na kar paon Ga,
Mein god promise karta Hun,
Net aap ke saunay ke baad lagaun Ga.

Saheli nahi meri,haan dost hi hotay hain,
Who saray ke saray school mein hi sotay hain,
Raat to guzarti hai net par typing kartay,
Subha bhi chat room mein hi hotay hain.

Ladkian bhi kamaal hoti hain,
Ghar pe apni misaal hoti hain ,
Saara kaam khatam karkay,
Das bajay saday naal hoti hain.

Ab to mujhe Internet lagadein,
Meri bhi mauj karadein ,
Mein bhi dhondta Hun cyber bahoo,
Aap bas nikah dot com karadein

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Make $952.77 from Google AdSense in just 3 steps

If you don’t believe me just check out the screen shot below.

Make $952 from Google AdSense in just 3 steps!

AdSense earnings

Shocked? Obviously you must have been.
I started my blogging career an year ago and I got my first AdSense
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Wait, But this time Google will not be
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much you “earned” with Google AdSense this month.

Oh, You still want the three steps. Okay, here they are

  1. Login to this site
  2. Enter the amount you want
  3. Click on make money

For those who came to this post on
reading the title. Sorry to disappoint you guys. I wished there was
some real way of making more $$ from AdSense. But as you know, money
doesn’t come the easy way. So, work hard on your sites and money will
start flowing through automatically.

Creative Ways to Edit Your Facebook Photo

Facebook… yeah, this facebook things already dominate the social networking and many young people use it, i assumed you’re one of them right ? Well one of the most important parts of your Facebook presence is your profile photo. Profile photo displayed in the top left corner of a page. You can uploaded an image or you can drawn from any of your online albums.
Profile photo shows someone’s face, and appears in front of the light blue-grey line that connects from the left side of the profile to the left-most tab. View an example of a typical profile page with a normal photo.
Facebook uses a common color and layout for every profile. This makes the site look better overall, but also limits your ability to affect the look of your profile. You can display Facebook applications on the left sidebar, and have them in tabs, but any changes to how the page’s style or how it is displayed overall are limited.

Edit the Facebook Profile Photo

This tutorial will teach you how to edit your profile photo to make it look cool :D. Okay lets start !
Facebook displays profile photos at max width : 200px, and max height : 600px. This means that Facebook will display any image as large as 200×600 without changing or resizing it.
Facebook is set up to display the top of an image 52 pixels north of the thin grey line. Normally, all profile photos are placed at this height above the line.
To achieve an unbroken line across your profile you need only create an image with a grey (#D8DFEA) 52 pixels below the top. In addition, you’ll need to paintbucket the area above the line to match the light blue (#EDEFF4) used in the profile header.
Now that you understand the color, you can make a blank template for your photo profile. Like this :
When you put the picture into your photo profile, it will become like this :
Hey.. where’s default white guy ? it’s gone :D Was someone hack facebook ? or is it error ?
That’s some reaction i hope people will think about hehehe…
And with the template that you just created, you can use it creatively like this :

Did you know? Change your Facebook username. Once

When Facebook introduced usernames in June 2009, users were happy and many went straight to the selection page.  However, it might seem that not all decisions were made wisely.
Honestly: Do you regret which username you chose?  You get a second chance.  Here is how:
Facebook: Change your username, once

How-to: Change your username in Facebook

  1. Head over to your Facebook Account area.
  2. In the Username section, click the Change link.
  3. Enter your corrected username choice, and click Check availability.
  4. Remember!  You can only change your username ONCE.
  5. Finally, click Change.
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How to Change Facebook Profile Picture?

Want to change your profile picture in Facebook?. You are at right place. Following are the simple steps to change profile picture in Facebook

Steps to Change Facebook Profile Picture

1. Goto
2. Click on the Profile link at the top.

Change Profile Picture in Facebook

3. Click on Photos link on the navigation tab (near + button).

Change Profile Picture in Facebook

4. Open the album.

5. Click the desired picture you would like to set as a profile picture.

6. Click on the link 'Make Profile Picture'.

Change Facebook Profile Picture

7. Congrats, you have changed your Facebook profile picture.

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Share your Contents to Facebook with Facebook Share Count Button

Have you seen facebook share count button on Mashable; Did you like facebook share count button; Look at the right side of this post.

Like the Idea, Want to implement on your website. So here we go:

Copy code and paste following code where you want this widget to appear.

<div style='float:right;'>
var fbShare = {
url: 'Your Current URL', 
size: 'large'
<script src=''></script>
About Facebook share count button variables
It is an optional variable. By default it picks the current url without parameters.

Optional variable. you can change it to small. If you want your widget to appear smaller.

Have you implemented this cool widget?

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Move your Picture to Different Folders in Facebook

This is a small step by step guide explaining how to move your picture in Facebook to different folder.

Steps to Move your Photo to different folder in Facebook

Step 1: Open the page of the picture.
Step 2: Click the "Edit this Photo". (Bottom Right)

Move your photo in Facebook

Step 3: Choose your photo new location from drop down menu. (Right side of the page)

Move your photo in Facebook

Step 4: You're done.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010


According to the survey report of an Indian channel, in the list of top 50 actresses of Bollywood Katrina Kaif secured the no 1 position. Viewers proved their love by giving her the highest votes of all. Kareene gained second and Prianka third position. In 2010 this is probably the first and big news for the actress. Talking about the honor, Katrina says, “Wow! That does feel so amazing. And it feels especially good when you are voted by the people – your fans and the media – themselves. After all, ZOOM is the doyen of glamour and their word is the last word. It’s been a good year professionally and now this. I have been winning the ‘Most Searched For on Internet’, and ‘Most Popular’ polls, but to be the ‘Most Desired Woman in India’ – it’s kinda cool. I guess I’ll have to jump on the ZOOM couch again. I’m so excited.”
The other winners of the Top 10 actresses are;
2 Kareena Kapoor
3 Priyanka Chopra
4 Bipasha Basu
5 Deepika Padukone
6 Lara Dutta
7 Aishwarya Rai
8 Malaika Arora Khan
9 Mallika Sherawat
10 Shilpa Shetty
Do you agree with this viewer’s choice? Comment


After the success of 3 idiots last year it seems as god is very kind to Kareena Kapoor.As she has become the most expensive heroine of bollywood now. it is reported that director Rohit Shetty has signed the actress for her next project Golmal 3 and has offered a huge amount of 7 crore. Wow, it means that she has beaten Katrina in this respect. Little back in past, she had received 2.5 crore for kambakht ishq and golmal 2 but it was the director Rohit Shetty, who wanted Kareena at any cost so he convinced the producers to sign 3/her at any rate. a source says, “Kareena hasn’t given any hit last year except 3 Idiots and has raised many eyebrows for being signed for the exorbitant amount. While Bollywood actors are slashing their prices to cope with the recession, it is surprising how much the industry is paying the actresses. Even A-list actors are not being offered such a huge amount.”

Top 5 Highest paid Bollywood actresses

1. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Though not on the scene for quite a long time, this green eyed actress demands quite a high price. The Bachchan bahurani did burn her hands in Hollywood, with films like Mistress of Spice to her credit, but she has hiked her fees to about 6 crores. If she manages to do a Jodhaa Akbar, then it should be fine. Otherwise 6 crores for an Umraao Jaan or The Last Legion does seem a bit extravagant.
2. Priyanka Chopra: Dostana and Fashion happened. And then life changed for her. She has gathered quite a lot of fan following, and is very popular. She has hiked her price to about 5 crores after her successful films.
3. Kareena Kapoor: She won over our hearts with Jab We Met and shocked us with Tashan, but this bundle of talent is surely a force to be reckoned. Though many hits to her name, she charges a modest amount of 3.5 to 4 crores.
4. Katrina Kaif: This beautiful lady has back to back hit to her name. So what if she isn’t exactly known for her acting and can’t speak Hindi properly? She takes in about 3 crores a movie.
5. Bipasha Basu: This dusky beauty has certainly cemented her position as an A-list actress. With several hits to her name in different genres, she is quite a popular choice for producers. Bipasha charges about 2 crores.

Kareena, Aishwarya and Priyanka: Bollywood top highest paid actresses

Yes, Bollywood is not far behind of Hollywood! There are many actresses who are evenly high paid! The only difference is that our Bollywood actresses cannot act and Hollywood actresses can. But still we want to throw a light at their income per movie! This will help you to compare with their performance and their pay checks!

Kareena Kapoor: – Our list starts with our busiest celeb Kareena Kapoor! She is also known as the ‘Female Shah Rukh Khan’ as well! She always has a full packed schedule of movies throughout the year! Previously, she used to charge 3.5 to 4 crores per movie! Recently, she hiked her charges amounting to 7 crores! Just imagine! Is it her acting or her ‘Kapoor’ fame er…name?

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: – Her last movie in Bollywood was Jodha Akhbar! The Green eyes have stolen many hearts but her heart is captured by Abhishek Bachchan! She is not being seen in manymovies now days! She has also worked in many Hollywood movies and thus her price has hiked a lot! She charges 6 crores for one movie! After all she brings many tags along with her in every movie, like ‘former Miss World’, ‘Mrs. Bachchan’ and Hollywood tags as well.

Priyanka Chopra: – Her last movie was Pyaar Impossible! She charges around 5 crores per movie! Even she was former ‘Miss World’ and has an astonishing size ‘Zero’ body!

All of these actresses have a quite a large fan following which has made them charge like this! Thus, they can spend a lot on them rather than focusing on acting!

24 Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup - Looks Ugly

Rani Mukherjee Without Makeup

Vidya Balan Without Makeup

Sushmita Sen and Urmila Without Makeup

Tanushree Dutta Without Makeup

Sushmita Sen Without Makeup

Priyanka Chopra Without Makeup

Preity Zinta
Without Makeup

Lara Dutta Without Makeup

Katrina Kaif Without Makeup

Kareena Kapoor and Karishma Kapoor
Without Makeup

Kajol Without Makeup

Isha Kopikar Without Makeup

Esha Deol Without Makeup

Deepika Padukone Without Makeup

Bipasha Basu Without Makeup

Amrita Arora Khan Without Makeup

Amisha Patel Without Makeup

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Without Makeup

Ever wonder what hides behind the mask of heavily caked base, blush, shadow and liner? Peel it off, layer by layer, and you see the real thing. The quintessential beauty. The icon that colors fairy tales of love, and longing. And while beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder and the artistry of make-up artistes, what lies beneath tells a whole new and true story.
Although some actress look good, most of them are just…. Check it out yourself.

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