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The Most Extraordinary Flower Gardens

The Most Extraordinary Flower Gardens

Keukenhof (Netherlands)

Keukenhof, which literally translates to kitchen court garden, has been around since 1949 and is the world’s largest and most impressive flower parks. It is a taste of heaven for any tulip lover- with it’s 7 million Dutch bulbs that are planted annually; a real sight for soar eyes. The Keukenhof is great for families; with childrens playgrounds and spots for picnicking. Also of interest for this upcoming summer, the Keukenhof will be commemorating 400 years of the historic relationship between the United States and the Netherlands. A flower mosaic of the Statue of Liberty will be made of 25, 000 flower bulbs- an event not to be missed.

Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival (Florida)

An enjoyable experience for any and all- The Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival adorns your favorite Disney characters in roses, tulips, daffodils and millions of blooming flowers with a collection of specially themed topiaries, making for one of the most visually astounding and charming sights to been seen.
Epcot Garden2
Epcot Garden1

International Festival of Gardens at Chaumont-sur-Loire (France)

A unique experience for any traveler- these 26 breathtaking gardens designed by artists, landscape artists and botanists, chosen from all around the world, swathe the Chaumont chateau, with some of the most original and mind-blowing creations one could ever lay eyes on.

Balboa Park Flower Garden (San Diego)

Balboa Park was home to two of San Diego’s World Fairs (1915-1916, 1935). A legacy that continues on since those World Fairs, Balboa Park pays tribute to gardens from around the globe. With over a dozen gardens spread out over 1,200 acres, they envelop a multitude of museums and performing arts centers.
Balboa Garden2
Balboa Garden1

Mah-Fah-Luang Gardens (Thailand)

Located in front of Doi Tung Palace, you can find some of the most unique winter flowers and decorative plants to carry you away in your imagination.

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (Australia)

Entering its 14th year, the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show has come to be regarded as the largest and most successful horticultural event in the Southern Hemisphere. Ranked in the top 5 flower shows in the world, this spectacular flower show represents the heart and soul of Australia, with some of the most impressive landscapes created by Australia’s finest talent.
Melbourne Int. Flower Garden1
Melbourne Int. Flower Garden2

Luang Peony Festival (China)

One of the most remarkable sights for the much adored peony, no Chinese city has been able to rival Luoyang in growing peonies, so much that it has become a local obsession. Boasting 500, 000 peony shrubs, ‘the peony of Luoyang’ as the saying goes ‘is the most beautiful flower under heaven’ and visitors to the festival can even enjoy a number of variety shows and exhibitions of Chinese calligraphy and painting.

Seattle North West Flower & Garden Show (Washington)

As the largest gardening show on the West Coast, Seattle’s North West Flower and Garden Show attracted over 85, 000 visitors just last year. From the intimate to the lavish this show opens the door to a mecca of flora and garden possibilities.

Singapore Garden Festival (Singapore)

With an astounding 300,000 visitors yearly for this eight-day event, the festival features 18 show gardens and 14 flora displays by 35 designers in 17 countries. What sets this magnificent festival apart from any other is that it is the only event in the world where people have the chance to see and experience the garden and floral creations of the world’s top award-winning designers under one roof.

Van Dusen Flower & Garden Show (Vancouver)

One the largest shows of its kind in all of North America, the Van Dunsen Flower & Garden Show has imaginative gardens with themes such as Eden, a Victorian Conservatory Fern Grotto and a Medieval Monastery Herbarium. And if you get a little thirsty down the road you can even quench it with some wine and beer, available throughout the gardens.
van dusen2
van dusen1


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