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Huge Waste of Water in Bollywood Movies

Huge Waste of Water in Bollywood Movies!!

Would’ve met needs of over 93,000 people in parched city with 15 per cent cut!
Karan Johar’s 2010 release, My Name is Khan, used 200 water tankers to shoot a city flood scene set in New York.
Mukesh Bhatt’s November 13 release, Tum Mile, used 200 tankers of water to depict the 26/7 Mumbai deluge.
Priyadarshan’s November 27 release, De Dana Dan, used 700 tankers of water for the climax a tsunami.
Each water tanker holds approximately 12,000 litres of water.
In effect, the Karan Johar film used up 24 lakh litres of water that could meet the requirements of around 27,000 people at the average BMC dole of 90 litres per person or four-and-a-half buckets.

de dhana dhan
Akshay Kumar shoots for Priyadarshan’s De Dhana Dhan. For the tsunami sequence, the makers used 100 tankers a day and shot for a week

Likewise, it’s 84 lakh litres wasted in Priyadarshan’s film, which affects over 93,000 people, while Tum Mile used up 24 lakh litres, affecting 27,000 people.
More water cut
And that’s when Mumbai is rainfall deficient by 21 per cent. In real terms, this means every Mumbai family gets 60 litres less than their daily requirement.
Meanwhile, the BMC may increase its water cuts by another 10 per cent, taking it to 25 per cent in the coming few weeks because of the shortfall.
Kunal Deshmukh, the maker of Tum Mile explains, "My film is based on the 26/7 Mumbai floods and had to use around 200 tankers of water.
There is a sequence in the film where a wall is breached because of the water and for that sequence alone, we used about 300 litres!"
tum mile
Mukesh Bhatt’s Tum Mile used 200 tankers of water to depict the 26/7 Mumbai deluge

Kunal, however, claims they minimised wastage by recycling the water. "We didn’t keep changing the water.
We set up a water purification system and although it was a lengthy process we did not waste huge amounts of water," added Kunal. The film stars Emraan Hashmi and Soha Ali Khan.
De Dhana Dan, Priyadarshan’s new film which stars Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif and Paresh Rawal although a comedy, deals with tragic tsunami which hit South East Asia in December 2004.
Ratan Jain, the producer reveals, "When we were shooting the tsunami sequence, we used more or less 100 tankers a day and shot for about a week."
Highly placed sources on Karan Johar’s movie said, "We have been using approximately 20 tankers a day."
Karan, however, refused to comment on the matter. The shooting has been on for 10 days at Goregaon.
21 Crore
Number of buckets of water required by Mumbai every day, but city gets 17 crore buckets 
360 litres
The amount of water a family of four uses every day 
20 litres
The capacity of an average bucke

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