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30 mind blowing old pc ads

30 mind blowing old pc ads

Article on mind blowing old pc ads

My dad used told me that he had worked on Apple Lisa in the 80′s of the 20th century which cost him around $10,000 and i used to laugh at that because now we can have computer 100 times more powerful than Apple Lisa with much cheaper price. Today i stumbled upon some old PC ads that will make you laugh and possibly appreciate what you have.

10 MB Drive for $3398.00
Today you can get a 1TB drive for $85.00
1TB is around 100,000 times larger than 10 MB

This is an early laptop with 64k of memory
Today Laptops have 2 to 4 Gigs of memory
4Gb is about 64,000 times larger than 64k

Here are two disk systems, 80 MB for $12K and 300 MB for $20K
Today you can get a DVD that holds 4 Gigs for $0.75 each
A 4 GB DVD is about 14 times larger than 300MB disk

Here is a 16K ram Memory Card, $495.00
Today you can get 4 GB RAM for $99.00
4GB RAM is about 256,000 times larger than 16K

This is an Early Modem Delivering 48000 BPS
Modems today deliver 56K
56K is around 12 times faster

This early PC is offering Dual Floppy drives and 128K of RAM
Today PCs have 2 to 4 GB of RAM
4GB RAM is about 32,000 times larger than 128K

Yes this was my first video game system. Yes those are the joy sticks. Today game systems are far more advance in graphics, controllers etc.

Here is another early Laptop, this one can expand up to 640 KB RAM Today Laptops have 2 to 4 GB or RAM.

Checkout this Amiga. Promoting the quality of graphics it can produce.

Apple dose it again, 5Mhz with 1MB RAM
Today PCs are more than 3Ghz with 4GB RAM
3Ghz is 600 Times faster and 4GB RAM is 4000 times faster than 1MB RAM

This Atari Computer have 48K of RAM and offers 128 colors.
Today PC’s have 4GB RAm and offer 32 Bit Color which is 4.2 Billion Colors

The TRS-80 was produced in the Late 70′s and the early 80′s with 1.7 Mhz processor and 4KB RAM

This early PC offered a 13″ screen for just $3,300.

Not sure about the specs but the shapes makes it look like a typewriter

The Price is coming down, This PC offers 4KB of RAM for only $249.00

The ACE 1000 offers 64K RAM and includes upper and lower case keys, Plus num lock.
Today PC’s offer 4GB RAM and all include shift keys and num lock

This PC offered 4K RAM and a cassette player.
Cassette players are almost obsolete now.

This was the latest and greatest design

The TRS-80 was produced in the Late 70′s and early 80′s with1.7 Mhz processor and 4KB RAM.

This computer has 10MB of Hard Drive for $3,495.00
today you can get a 1TB Hard Drive for $85.00

one of Mac’s early computer offering 32 Bit Processor

This one has 15Mb hard drive for $2,495.00

This tandy 5000 offers a blazing 20 Mhz processor and 2MB of RAM

Here is a PC in Briefcase, complete with modem and 5″ Monitor.

Checkout the joystick and other options that come with this PC.

Produced in early 80′s, The VIC-20 came with 5 KB RAM

For only $999.0 you can get this PC that offers 384K RAM and 20M Hard Drive Case.

Here is a basic PC that offered 4K RAM that you had to hookup to a TV

Another personal PC that offers 4K RAM for under $199.99, but didn’t come with a monitor

The ZX81 offered 1K RAM but extended up to 16 K RAM and could hookup to any TV.

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