Thursday, April 21, 2011

Top 10 Fastest Growing Facebook Games

Top 10 Fastest Growing Facebook Games

Ravenwood Fair, reportable as terminal week’s crowning weekly gainer, is at the crowning of this week’s itemize with a weekly ontogeny of 1.1 meg astir users. As of now, Ravenwood Fair is most 500,000 astir users aweigh of It Girl, a Crowdstar creation. A mettlesome I would same to saucer discover is Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker. Unlike Zynga‘s another games, Texas Hold’em cards is not supported on a FarmVille genre, which is a beatific thing. Games in this portion genre, run to process until they extreme discover and yet decline. Take a countenance at the “ville” mettlesome series, you module wager that they are in the fall for weekly growth. However, Zynga’s Texas Hold’em cards is ease ontogeny brawny after eld on the chart.
Ravenwood Fair
A mettlesome same Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker, creates a surround for a developer to endure in. Other Zynga games were created with a aggregation of melody and hype, and the games ever hit the venture of ending soured after the initial marketing. After the initial rush, developers requirement to be healthy to wage games that crapper stop over time. Texas Hold’em cards is that identify of game.

Sorted by Weekly Growth

Name DAU MAU Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1. Ravenwood Fair 1,054,787 9,627,456 149,416 1,093,470
2. It Girl 1,445,961 8,882,399 110,851 443,408
3. Big Business 224,928 2,139,523 37,955 435,645
4. Komşu Şehir 80,226 742,706 34,668 409,360
5. Monster Galaxy 488,656 6,117,540 21,504 367,395
6. Dragons of Atlantis 290,220 2,289,348 63,580 331,793
7. Paradise Life 397,109 2,642,662 46,321 291,312
8. Texas HoldEm Poker 7,667,471 38,133,120 102,779 270,263
9. Happy Hospital 278,245 2,239,710 35,788 253,834
10. Ninja Saga 1,070,256 5,133,399 93,599 228,886  

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