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weirdest gaming mouse

13 weirdest gaming-mouse to redefine your experience

13 razer molten gaming mouse 577x434
So many options and alternatives are available in every kind of technology nowadays. Even a computer gaming mouse is having so many variations. Certainly, some mouse devices have been specifically built for playing games and they have entirely changed the way video games are played. The gaming mouse is very much different from the conventional two mutton mouse with options like: ergonomic gaming controller, adjustable DPI settings, etc. Let’s have a look at the most unusual, weird and gaming mouse:
Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Gaming Mouse
The Cyborg R.A.T. 7 includes significant number of buttons, options, sensors and it can also be customized to a huge extent. Its thumb guard, palm rest, and height can be adjusted as per the user requirement or fit. The mouse features optional components and accessories for giving it a different feel. The functionality and usages of Cyborg R.A.T. 7 are unique, that’s why this design is considered as a technological triumph. R.A.T. 7 costs $99 and its wireless upgrade R.A.T.9 has been priced at $120.
2 gaming mouse
Gameboard is a keyboard mouse which has been specifically built for PC games. It is hard to remember the buttons and keys required during a play, this is the point where Gameboard gaming mouse design pitches into action. All the keys have been placed in a perfect order which allows you to play the game more effectively. It is indeed a humongous mouse with nearly 30 programmable keys, a thumb-stock, and support features for macros. The Logitech G13, Razer Nostromo and Belkin N52TE are the best Gameboards available presently. The Logitech G13 Gameboard has been priced at $70 price.
Zalman FPSGUN FG-1000 Gaming Mouse
3 zalman fps gun_imagelarge
Zalman FPSGUN is another futuristic mouse design which according to the manufacturer resembles a handgun grip. The black painted plastic and rugged planes surface for enhanced grip provides additional support to the user. FPSGUN is also having a dark brown edge which looks quite awesome. This FPSGUN costs between $60 to $75.
Logitech G9 Mouse
4 logitech g9 mouse
G9 is the brainchild of Logitech gaming mouse company – which is known for making 3D gaming designs. In this gaming mouse design the future grips have been limited to the wheel, which has been placed between the buttons. The core buttons have been covered with a solid grip which look quite weird but are having different set of usages altogether. G9’s design assures dimensional changes which can be modified to a huge extent. G9’s actual cost is $100 which is nominal for being a good gaming mouse.
Razer DeathAdder Mouse
5 deathadder_lrg6
Razer DeathAdder more or less resembles the Microsoft’s Explorer but it is having some additional options in it. This mouse is a sculpture with a right-handed design, steeper curve and two additional buttons there. The mouse is more beneficial for large or medium sized palms, and people with small hand will definitely face some problems while using it. For sudden aversions, attacks and dodges during the course of a game this Razer DeathAdder would be an advantage. The price of Razer Death varies from $59 to $69.
Microsoft Sidewinder Gaming Mouse
6 32578715 2 440 ovr 1_opt
Microsoft was surely looking for some introducing the advantages of Logitech G5 and the Razer DeathAdder designs in its Sidewinder Gaming Mouse. Sidewinder is having both pluses and minuses as a gaming mouse but still it is a formidable competitor because of its hardware customization facility. The mouse has been priced at $80 price by its makers.
Belkin Gaming Mouse
7 belkin gaming mouse
Belkin is having an inbuilt gaming accessory called n52e which can be integrated with all the PC games. The keys can be positioned as per the user requirement of the user. It packs some additional specs like: multiple profiles and a cool backlight. Its ergonomics consist of: soft-touch wrist pad, 8-way thumb pad, removable joystick, non-slip rubber pads grip, 15 fully programmable keys, enhanced tactile feedback and backlight for low light environments. All these options are available in just one pack at a price of $69.99.
World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse (PC)
8 mmo gaming mouse
This gaming mouse has been specifically designed for the Warcraft games by the designers like Blizzard and SteelSeries. Whether it is healing paladin, removing poison, heal or buff every gaming operation is simply possible with a touch. Pointless to tell that, the Warcraft games would become much more simple with this mouse. Warcraft’s market cost is £59.99
R2 Gaming Mouse Mark II
9 r2 gaming mouse
R2 Gaming Mouse Mark II is an entirely a new concept. It is having a dpi resolution of 1600 and button functions that can be customized to huge extent. Every button can be assigned a special role as per the gaming style. Even the LED light inside the interior can be programmed in this mouse. $59.90 is the price for R2 Gaming Mouse Mark II.
Novint Falcon 3D Gaming Mouse
10 novint falcon 3d gaming mouse
Novint Falcon 3D makes the First Person Shooter gamed a lot more easy. It is a 3D mouse with a mechanism called force feedback that allows you feel the texture, shape, and weight of the 3D world. The Falcon is a virtual mouse that gives you a never before closer to reality experience. Whether you are playing a arcade or racing game you would be able to feel the virtual world in your hands. Novint is the designer of this mouse and has priced it at $200 price. You can also buy some more accessories like: detachable grips (standard and pistol) and three games.
CM Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse
11 cm storm spawn gaming mouse
Spawn Lightweight Gaming Mouse is an ergonomic design for gaming fanatics and professional FPS gamers. The gaming mouse encompasses the features like: 60-inch per second tracking, a 3500dpi optical sensor, 5.8 Megapixel per second image processing power, 20G acceleration, Macros support, 7 programmable buttons, 2 meter USB cable, etc. The price details has not been mention by the company yet.
Logitech Gaming G500 Mouse with G300 Headset
12 logitech mouse_opt
Logitech is again back with some unmatchable gaming solutions in form of Gaming G500 Mouse with G300 Headset. This ultralight gaming device includes an adjustable DPI System, smooth pinkie ledge, nice finish for a convenient feel. This set also packs a G300 headset that features options like: audio control, noise canceling microphone, bugger, and USB adapter. The device will hit the market by this month between a price rate of $50 to $70.
Razer Naga Molten Edition
13 razer molten gaming mouse 577x434
Razer Naga Molten Edition is considered as the craziest gaming mouse ever made by the reviewers. There is a molten 3D lava engraved on its exterior which personifies certified gaming experience. The device guarantees maximum ergonomic support, enhanced comfort and unmatchable customizability. Razer Naga Molten Edition gaming mouse can be availed at a price of $80.

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