Friday, June 4, 2010

The Existing Cities Of The Future

The Existing Cities Of The Future

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A one picture is worth a thousand words. Those are some prediction of exciting cities in far future. Imagine huge building, futuristic building, near Eiffel’s tower, Dubai that looks so futuristic in our time and you think that it can’t go further. Opera House in Sidney nearness that is so rural that it can’t goes higher. All of those are some designs of the world’s largest cities and capitols that shows us how they can look in a future.
future city 2
future city 3
future city 4
future city 6
future city 8
future city 9
future city 10
future city 11
future city 12
future city 13
future city 14
future city 15
Some of the image credits: Moon City Production and EyeWoo.

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