Friday, June 4, 2010

Legal Drinking Age Around the World

Legal Drinking Age Around the World 
It seems that everyone in the U.S. complains about the legal drinking age being set at 21, using the argument that if you are old enough to fight in a war for your country, you should be able to legally enjoy a beer. Not a bad contention, but it could be worse. Military service could be mandatory, and drinking could be illegal. Go count your blessings. The following map displays the legal drinking age in each country around the world. A few disclaimers:

-In some countries, the age you can legally drink is different than the age you can legally purchase alcohol. Some also distinuish between types of alcohol, the difference typically being around 22% ABV.

-Not all drinking laws are enforced, many countries follow general custom instead.

-Many Middle Eastern countries have a ban on alcohol under Muslim law, though the country permits certain establishments to sell to tourists upon obtaining a proper license.

-Canada's legal drinking age varies by providence, Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec all set the age at 18, the restare 19.

-The legal drinking age in Nepal is 24.

-The legal drinking age in India varies between 18 and 25 from state to state.

Legal Drinking Age by Country
Infographic Courtesy of Column Five

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