Monday, July 19, 2010

Aamir Khan And Shahrukh Khan Work Together

Aamir Khan And Shahrukh Khan Work Together with Karan Johar's Next?

Aamir Khan And Shahrukh Khan Work Together with Karan Johar: Some coffee is brewing between the 3 Idiots megastar Aamir Khan and the renowned director Karan Johar and the hot smoke bellowing out is, certainly, sending warm signals. Tabloids were in for an astonishing delight when Karan Johar was spotted gelling well with the emperor Aamir during the recent music release of his Peepli Live.

But eyebrows are now rising fast almost touching the hairline as Aamir gears up to attend Karan’s party thrown for the celebration of his success I Hate Luv Storys. Of course, the flick stars Aamir’s bhaanja (nephew) Imran but apparently, Aamir shall be the only one outside the cast & crew to be gracing the occasion.
Indiatimes reports, “Karan and Aamir were hardly acquaintances till very recently. And they have now become close friends. After Karan made his appearances at Aamir’s party for Gustavo and attended the music release of Peepli Live, things are clearer by the minute. Now Karan has invited Aamir to this party.”

aKran, reportedly, personally telephoned the Ghajini actor who has cordially accepted the invitation. Their recent closeness is germinating gossips of something fishy lurking beneath the waters. Are they working on a project or do they secretly wish to team up with each other?

Though, Karan casts Shahrukh Khan in all his mega films, it would be a pleasant change if he ropes Aamir in for one. And it would be heavenly, if he can finally do the thinkable……..if he can make Aamir and SRK work together in one single film.

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