Monday, July 19, 2010

Katrina Kaif Hot Sizzling Bollywood Actress

Katrina Kaif Hot Sizzling Bollywood Actress – Best Indiain Actress by Look after Raajneeti?

Katrina Kaif News: Bollywood Hot Sizzling Actress Katrina Kaif

She is so cute that a young boy feels energized to look back at her once again.
An oldie can’t lift his eyes passing through the big sign board which displays the gigantic picture of sexy Katrina Kaif. Recently, her sizzling image has been little bit hampered by the Indian censor board.

When she makes her love with Arjun Rampal in the latest controversial movie Raajneeti, she has shown her bravery in exposing her.

The episode of love making is essential to revive the romantic temperament of the movie as per direction and views of the director of Raajneeti.

However, the censor board has not been happy with these comments and the board has directed the director of the film to cut the love scene to size which will be eligible for getting approval certificate from the Censor board.

Prakash Jha, the director of the film has taken the strong exception to this drastic action of the censor board. He has claimed that this scene maintains the guideline of artistic aesthete instead of instigating vulgarity.
always likes to raise storm in the cup.

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