Sunday, March 28, 2010

26 Really Amazing Realistic 3D Computer Graphics

26 Really Amazing Realistic 3D Computer Graphics

Using some 3d tools you can create really fantastic and realistic computer graphics. You can give your characters, compositions and portraits depth and life. I really love computer graphics (CG) 3d art and it seems fun to recreate things from real life on a computer.
Today i have collected 26 amazing realistic 3d computer graphics. This list includes breathtaking realistic CG portraits, amazing CG compositions and realistic CG characters. I hope you will like and enjoy these and do share which one you like.

Frankenstein by Anto Juricic

Frankenstein, Anto Juri?i? (3D)

Chimpanzee by Jacques Defontaine

Chimpanzee, Jacques Defontaine (3D)

Stairs by Sigurd Fernstrom

Stairs, Sigurd Fernström (3D)

Robot – Octopus (a real fashion model with 3D FX) by Dominique Fraser

Robot - Octopus (a real fashion model with 3D FX), Dominique Fraser (3D)

Rail haven by Marco Rolandi

Rail haven, Marco Rolandi (3D)

Charging Kudu by Bill Melvin

Charging Kudu, Bill Melvin (3D)

DragONtFLY by Denis Tolkishevsky

DragONtFLY, Denis Tolkishevsky (3D)

Renovated Lobby by Olivier Campagne

Renovated Lobby, Olivier Campagne (3D)

Fisherman in Town by Suresh kumar

Fisherman in Town, Suresh kumar (3D)

Night Rider by Hyun Hee Lee

Night Rider, Hyun Hee Lee (3D)

NY City Appartment by Marc Gruber-Laux

-NY City Appartment-, Marc Gruber-Laux (3D)

Lady of Shalott by Yang Zhang

Lady of Shalott, Yang Zhang (3D)

Experiment Chamber by Toni Bratincevic

Experiment Chamber, Toni Bratincevic (3D)

Gangsta game character by Bernardo Barbi

Gangsta game character, Bernardo Barbi (3D)

Night Elf by Max Kor

Night Elf, Max Kor (3D)

Urban Environment by Stefan Morrell

Urban Environment, Stefan Morrell (3D)

Song Hye Kyo by Max Edwin Wahyudi

Song Hye Kyo, Max Edwin Wahyudi (3D)

Mithra by Priymuk Sergey

Mithra, Priymuk Sergey (3D)

Old Lamp by Zhelem Andrey

Old Lamp, Zhelem Andrey (3D)

Moon Key by Olivier Ponsonnet

Moon Key, Olivier Ponsonnet (3D)

Siena by Jason Godbey

Siena, Jason Godbey (3D)

Driver 4 Character by Rich Wright

Driver 4 Character, Rich Wright (3D)

Composition by Juan Siquier

Composition #3, Juan Siquier (3D)

Sopron by Jason Godbey

Sopron, Jason Godbey (3D)

The Monster by Rick Baker

The Monster, Rick Baker (3D)

Hue by Kim Hyong Jun

Hue, Kim Hyong Jun (3D)
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