Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Search Engines & Directory Services Sites


Surf the web using the best quality search engines & directories on the Internet.

Search Engines & Directory Services
Google - GO - top quality search service with rankings based on site significance. Google's relevancy paradigms have significantly improved the precision & reliability of searching the net. 
- GO - best quality hand crafted search index with high relevancy. 

- GO - sharp new search engine with unique relevancy categories (includes rankings based on site popularity)

Wayback Machine
GO - Internet archive of 10 billion web pages dating from 1996 to present.

 - GO - one of the oldest search engines on the web.

GO - high quality search index & US portal. 

Query Server - GO - excellent meta search engine.

 - GO - top quality meta engine.
Vivisimo - GO - cool meta search engine.

SearchIQ - GO - lists & reviews all the major search engines, indexes & tools.

Open Directory 
GO - the largest "human edited" directory on the web.

ixquick.com - GO - spiffy meta engine with quality rankings. 

GO - large good quality search engine.

- GO - established search service.

Netcraft - GO - find out what servers are used at any specific website.

Librarians' Resource Centre - GO - great toolbox of free databases, technical resources & knowledge management tools.

 - GO - search newsgroups, mailing lists & web forums.

EuroSeek - GO -
 quality European search engine.

Search Engines Portal GO - more good quality search links.

Web Surf Tips

Berkeley Library
 - GO - tutorial on how to locate information on the Internet.

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