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Most Powerful women in the world | Most Powerful women in the world

Most Powerful women in the world | Most Powerful women in the world 
These are the most powerful women in the world
RANK          NAME             OCCUPATION               COUNTRY
1    Angela Merkel        Chancellor     Germany 2    Sheila Bair     Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.     U.S. 3    Indra Nooyi     Chief executive, PepsiCo     U.S. 4    Cynthia Carroll     Chief executive, Anglo American     U.K. 5    Ho Ching     Chief executive, Temasek     Singapore 6    Irene Rosenfeld     Chief executive, Kraft Foods    U.S.
7    Ellen Kullman     Chief executive, DuPont     U.S. 8   Angela Braly     Chief executive, WellPoint    U.S. 9    Anne Lauvergeon     Chief executive, Areva     France 10   Lynn Elsenhans     Chief executive, Sunoco    U.S. 11    Cristina Fernandez     President     Argentina 12    Carol Bartz     Chief executive, Yahoo     U.S. 13    Sonia Gandhi     President, Indian National Congress Party     India 14    Ursula Burns     Chief executive, Xerox Corp.     U.S. 15    Anne Mulcahy     Chairman, Xerox Corp.    U.S. 16    Safra Catz     President, Oracle     U.S.
17    Christine Lagarde     Minister of Economy, Finance & Employment     France 18    Gail Kelly     Chief executive, Westpac     Australia 19    Marjorie Scardino     Chief executive, Pearson Plc.     U.K. 20    Chanda Kochhar     Chief executive, ICICI Bank     India 21    Mary Sammons     Chief executive, Rite Aid Corp.     U.S. 22   Michelle Bachelet     President     Chile 23   Paula Reynolds     Chief restructuring officer, AIG     U.S.
24    Carol Meyrowitz     Chief executive, TJX Companies     U.S. 25    Andrea Jung     Chief executive, Avon     U.S.

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