Saturday, July 10, 2010

Top 10 Biggest company in the world

Top 10 Biggest company in the world

No. 1: JPMorgan Chase

Industry: BankingJPMorgan Chase
Ranked 16th last year, JPMorgan Chase is now the world’s largest company in US, based on its composite score for sales, profits, assets and market value.

No. 2: General Electric

Industry: Conglomeratesgeneral-electric
After a one-year reign as the world’s largest company in US, General Electric fell to the second spot on our list as sales, earnings and assets declined over the past year.

No. 3: Bank of America

Industry: BankingBank of America
The 2009 acquisition of Merrill Lynch helped Bank of America jump from 38th last year to No. 3 in our Global 2000 ranking.

No. 4: ExxonMobil

Industry: US Based Oil and gas operationsExxonMobil thumb Top 
10 Biggest company in the world
Despite a decline in both sales and earnings in the past year, ExxonMobil stayed at the No. 4 

No. 5: ICBC

Industry: Banking ICBC thumb Top 10 Biggest 
company in the world
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is one of four Chinese companies among the top 25 in the Global 2000.

No. 6: Banco Santander

Industry: BankingBanco Santander
Over the past year, a 115% gain in market value helped move this Spanish bank from the ninth spot to sixth overall on this year’s Global 2000.

No. 7: Wells Fargo

Industry: US Based BankingWells Fargo
A full year of Wachovia’s operations (acquired in December 2008) helped Wells Fargo reach record figures in both sales and profits in 2009.

No. 8 : HSBC Holdings

Industry: US Based BankingHSBC Holdings
This international banking giant moved up two spots to tie petroleum giant Royal Dutch Shell for eighth position this year.

No. 9: Royal Dutch Shell

Industry: Oil and gas operations from NetherlandsRoyal Dutch 
Ranked No. 2 in 2009. Declines in sales and profits pushed this integrated oil company lower in our Global 2000 composite ranking this year.

No. 10: BP

Industry: Oil and gas operationsBP thumb Top 10 Biggest 
company in the world

This U.K. petroleum giant is 10th in our Global 2000 composite ranking, falling five spots from last year.

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