Sunday, July 25, 2010

Birsi Mobile Controller software

Birsi Mobile Controller 1.60.090331

Synchronized phone screen, mouse is a touchpen, PC keyboard is equal to that of the mobile. As well as ActiveSync, you can connect a mobile device through TCP/IP, such as Wifi, 3G and etc.

# Both mobile and computer screen have been synchronized and therefore they are one in the
# Using a mouse or keyboard to operate on computer screen is just like using a stylus pen or keyboard working on the phone.
# Use of the computer keyboard to operate the computer screen is similar to doing the action on the phone
# Send and receive text messages from a computer directly. It is much simpler and quicker than using the keyboard on a mobile phone.
# View the contacts on your computer.
# Supports scrolling contacts by letter.
# Keeps a history list of recent contacts.
# MobileController can transfer digital photographs into the mobile device conveniently.
# Automatically adjust picture based on the phone’s screen size using smaller space and suitable quality. This enables you to save much more pictures than before, potentially a thousand times more.
# Photo will be sav
ed in “My Document” folder if the version of windows mobile is below 5.0 and to “My Pictures” folder if the version is 5.0 and up. And you can view those photos by using the tool that the system provides.
# Tips: You can make the transfer by dragging the picture into the MobileController screen directly.
# Real-time capture of the phone screen
# Ability to copy to clipboard or save to a file
# Supports four image formats: BMP, JPG, PCX and PNG.
# You can capture screens with graphic marks and device skin
# You can decide a playing sound to play when capturing pictures

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