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richest musicians in the world 2010

Richest Musicians in the World 2010

A list of the richest musicians in the world. The the richest singers and ... The complete roster of bands playing Bonnaroo 2010 in Manchester, Tennessee.

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1) Madonna: $110 million

How she made her money: $280 million was generated by a 58-concert international tour supporting the queen of pop’s Hard Candy album. It was the highest-grossing international tour of 2008.

2) Beyonce: $87 million

How she made her money: Ms. Knowles collected her paycheck across many areas, including a new double album release, starring in two films, a fashion collection, a 110-day international tour and adding new sponsors that include Nintendo and Crystal Geyser.

3) Bruce Springsteen: $70 million
How he made his money: ‘The Boss’ had fourth-highest-grossing tour in 2008 and performed the halftime show at Super Bowl XLIII. He also signed an exclusive deal with Wal-Mart to sell a greatest hits album, which he later called "a mistake."

4) Coldplay: $70 million

How they made their money: Chris Martin and Co. released their fourth studio album, ‘Viva La Vida,’ which became the best-selling album of 2008. A majority of the band’s money was made via a tour that grossed across 16 countries.

5) Kenny Chesney: $65 million

Kenny Chesney
How he made his money: The country star doesn’t always do well with record sales, but fans are loyal and Chesney makes his money touring. in 2008, he sold over 1 million concert tickets.

6) Dave Matthews Band: $65 million

Dave Matthews Band
How they made their money: The band’s latest release, ‘Big Whiskey and the GooGrux King,’ is bound to bring in more revenue for the band, but they make their real money from merchandising and the annual dues for their official fan club, Warehouse.

7) Rascal Flatts: $60 million

Rascal Flatts
How they made their money: Being one of country’s biggest names, the group sold over 350,000 copies of its sixth album in its first week. These stars also signed an endorsement contract with JCPenney.

8) AC/DC: $60 million

How they made their money: Using the gaming world to their advantage, AC/DC were the first group to have their own version of the "Rock Band" video game. The band also recently released its first studio album in eight years and intend on touring until March 2010.

9) Toby Keith: $52 million

Toby Keith
How he made his money: With a bundle of crossover hits, his own clothing line and restaurant chain, Toby Keith is a hard-working country star with a lot to show for it.

10) Bon Jovi: $50 million

Bon Jovi
How he made his money: By owning all their own songs, the Jersey band has made quite a bit of cash on their music. They also embarked on a worldwide tour in 2008, which raked in over $117 million.
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