Saturday, June 12, 2010

Islamic Scientific Facts 
Islamic Scientific Facts 
Scientific facts already mentioned in the Qur'an.
The Holy Qur'aan was revealed more than 14
centuries ago . . . but it contains so many of the
scientific facts - some of the facts have been
discovered recently while others are to bediscovered later.

Science : Finger tips can be used for Identification
Qur'an : Does man think We cannot assemble his bones?
Yes . . . We are able to put together in perfect
order the very tip of his fingers.
Science : Atoms are found in pairs
Qur'an : Glory be to ALLAH, Who created in pairs all things
that the earth produces, as well as their own( human )
kind, and other things of which they have no knowledge.
Science : Honey is healing for mankind
Qur'an : Comes from their ( the bees ) belleis
a drink of varying colours, wherein is healing
for human being. Verily in this is a sign forpeople who reflect.
Science : Separation of salt and sea water
Qur'an : Verily He is the One Who has joined
the two seas: this is palatable and sweet, and
this is salty and bitter. And He made a barrier
between the two of them, and a partition thatis forbidden to be passed.
Science : Milk as a wholesome meal
Qur'an : And verily for you in the cattle there
is an instructive sign ( lesson ). We give you to
drink of that which is in their bellies from
between excretions and blood, pure milkpalatable to the drinkers.
Science : Oceans have darkness under their surfaces
Qur'an : Or as darkness in a vast, deep sea,
there it covers waves, from above which are
waves, from above which are clouds. Darkness
on top of each other. If a man stretches out his
hand, he can hardly see it. And whoever ALLAH
does not make light for him, for him there is nolight.
Science : Iron and steelQur'an : And We sent down Iron, in which is
severe strength and benefits for mankind.
Verily in this is a Sign for people who reflect.Science : Sun and Moon
Qur'an : It is not permitted to the sun to catch
up with the Moon, nor the night outstrip theDay. Each floats in an orbit.
Science : Creation of living creatures from water
Qur'an : We made from water every living thing.
Science : Mountains have roots inside the earth
Qur'an : Have We not made the earth as a
wide expanse, and the mountains as pegs. 

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