Monday, August 2, 2010

15 Coolest Pillows Design Pictures

 15 Coolest Pillows Design Pictures
Intelligent Forms Design provides unique lifestyle tools (laptop pillow - or laptop cushion, laptop bed tray - being our main feature)
Pillow is something really close to us in the life .
Creative pillows and unique pillow designs from all over the world. ..... sooo cool. Love the book pillow! Perfect to take into work! 
Looking for Unique Cool Pillows? Take a look at some of coolest pillows ever. 15 Coolest Pillows Design Boyfriend Pillow The Boyfriend Body Pillow resembles the torso of a big strong man with a comforting arm that cuddles you. 15 Coolest Pillows Design
Blood Puddle Pillow
If your idea of a good time is tricking people into thinking you’ve been shot, these blood puddle pillows are perfect for you. 15 Coolest Pillows Design
Alarm Clock Pillow
This pillow is designed to gently wake you by exposing your eyes to a glowing cloud of illumination. 15 Coolest Pillows Design
Alt-Ctrl-Del Pillows
This three-pillow set look as if they’ve jumped right off your keyboard. 15 Coolest Pillows Design
iSleep Laptop Pillow
Developed by Ivonne Dippmann, the i-Sleep pillow use the hot air expelled by your laptop (whilst your laptop’s in standby mode) to inflate and become a very warm pillow. 15 Coolest Pillows Design
Emoticon Pillows
How are you feeling? Choose one of the Ridibundus smiley set of pillows to communicate it. 15 Coolest Pillows Design
Tissue-dispensing Pillow
This Kleenex-dispensing pillow pillow could be useful during the coming flu season when you’re already sick in bed and can barely rise to get that tissue box. 15 Coolest Pillows Design
Fresh Salmon Pillow
The best thing about it, as the manufacturer states, it “does not smell of salmon”. 15 Coolest Pillows Design
Scrabble pillow
The Scrabble Pillow takes Pillow Talk to the whole new level. 15 Coolest Pillows Design
Pizza Pillow
Measuring 12″ diameter, pizza pillow features the pizza toppings on one side, while the back resembles the pizza crust view from the bottom. 15 Coolest Pillows Design
Girlfriend Lap pillow
This japanese pillow imitates a woman’s legs, so you can sleep on her lap. 15 Coolest Pillows Design
DOS Pillow
For all the geek , this Dos pillow looks like a black screen with good old DOS directories embroidered on it. 15 Coolest Pillows Design
Rock Pillow
Created by Livingstones, the Rock Pillows are playful cushions, shaped and colored just like boulders. 15 Coolest Pillows Design
Pillow Book
Pillow that looks like a book is perfect for students who like simulating learning. 15 Coolest Pillows Design
Horse head Pillow
This Godfather-inspired horse head plush is the perfect reminder of the mistake they once made in wronging you.

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