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Hritik hot actor Profile biography Movie list

Hrithik Roshan | Hritik hot actor Profile biography Wedding Movie list
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Biography / Biodata

Hrithik Roshan
Nick Name

Hrithik Roshan

Date of Birth

January 10, 1974

Birth Place
Star Sign

Hrithik Roshan Height


Hrithik Roshan weight

72-74 kgs

Eye colour
Light eyed
Rakesh Roshan
Pinky Roshan
Suzanne Khan
Father’s occupation
Modeling & Acting

First movie

Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, 2000

Address _____________
Mayur, Tilak Road, Santa Cruz (W),
Mumbai 400 054.Telephone Number: 6206453 / 6206357

Hot facts in Biography

# Hritik Roshan carries two thumbs on his right hand that are grown together.

# Hritik
Roshanwanted to quit the films when his father Rakesh Roshan was shot at and wounded by Bollywood mafia, but later he changed his mind.
# Hritik Roshanwas diagnosed scoliosis at the age 21 and the doctors told that he couldn’t dance and fight.!!!
# He received 30000 marriage proposals on Valentine’s day 2000.
# The hot actor  avoids fatty food and exercises daily for an hour.
# His favourite films are Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai, Sholay.
# His favourite actresses are Madhubala, Madhuri Dixit , Kajol .
# His favourite actors are Amitabh Bachchan and Raj Kapoor.
# Gangster Iqbal Attarwala who was extradited to India has named Hritik in his confession to the Mumbai police which led the police to scrutinise the movements of Hritik.
# Hritik Roshan is one among the highest taxpayers in India. Hrithik Roshan paid Rs 15.10 crore as income tax. [ 2007 ]
# Hritik Roshan endorsed ‘Coke’ commercial for Rs. 3 crores. It was the highest amount paid by the company.
# The hot actor  is known as a perfectionist and control freak, he makes extensive rehearsals and preparations.
# His best friend Salman Khan showed him how to work out and eat properly to put on muscle.
# In 2001, he was in controversy due to his alleged remarks about Nepal,it caused outrage in the country, it also led to student protests, in which four people died. Later the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu and Hritik Roshan himself clarified that he had made no such remarks.
# Hritik Roshan, began his career as a child artist in the 1980s.
# His debut as an actor was with the blockbuster Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai (2000).
# Hritik Roshan is appreciated for his body language, his diction, his expressions, his overall persona.
# Hritik Roshan’s father Rakesh Roshan is an actor and director .
# The actor  married Sussanne Khan, his high-school sweetheart.
# His son name is Hrehaan, he born on March 28, 2006.
# He learnt singing, dancing, fencing, riding etc. for his debut.
# His posters were used by Democratic Alliance in South Africa in November 2000 to woo Indian voters, this was done without his permission. It has created a controversy Africa, an assosiation also threatened to ban his films.
# He was honoured with “National Citizen’s Award” on August 25 2001 in Delhi.
# He learnt Urdu to improve his performance in his films.

Hritik Roshan quotes

# “Every moment of my life, I live under threat. I have two gunmen with me. If I die now I will be immortal. Everything finished in a year. I will be a legend!”
# ” I got Rs 100 when I was 9-years-old from my maternal grandfather J Om Prakash for a film called Aasha for which I danced with Jeetendra. From there I went straight to Miniland and bought ten toy guns.” [First earnings]
# “Some day I want to be better than Shahrukh Khan. And I will be better than him, if I continue working the way I am. Some day, I would like to achieve more than what Shahrukh has achieved in his ten years. But first, give me my ten years of time.”
# “I’m not religious. I don’t visit temples. But I hope there is a superpower.”
# “I can never wear the same shirt twice because it’s always torn by the time I come home!”
# “My physique is all wrong. I’d like to change everything about my looks.”
# “Quite often I feel that there is no God. War, natural calamities, handicaps, suffering. When I see all this, I fear there’s no God. And the thought scares me shitless.”
# ” My big dream is to take our cinema to a world platform. The idea of acting in a Jackie Chan film doesn’t excite me. That’s betrayal.”
# “I would like to meet the person who shot my father.”
# “Every once a week, I get up and feel that I cannot act any more. I just get very unsure of myself. But, once I give my first shot, I’m back on track. Insecurity isn’t bad, it makes me work harder.”
# ” I train four times in a week. I do cardio three days in a week. Cardio is like jogging on the runner or skip for about 25 minutes. I don’t train for more than 40 minutes. I just do enough to maintain myself. I don’t want to get bulky.”
# ” I believe your body is 90 per cent your diet. And diet one has to take control of. Eat the right food. I don’t eat butter, ghee,oil. I just eat grilled boiled roasted stuff.”
# “I thought of every possible angle which would drive me towards stardom. But I never thought of, when I become a star, what will I do, how will I handle it. Everything has hit me all at once. I realize I don’t have the talent to handle it.”
# “Hollywood is definitely happening to me but right now I’m not happening for Hollywood. Maybe if offers still last by 2005 I will. I’m committed until then.”
# “After two years of being in films I’ve realized that I don’t need to do movies just for the sake of it. Now I will not do a film unless the role is to die for”
# “I’ve never had a decent haircut except the short one I’m sporting right now for “Lakshya”.
# “I was always the pet of my teachers in school probably because I was considered to be very cute. Because of my innocent looks I usually got away with a lot of mischief. I was spoilt and pampered by everyone.”
# “I’ve played the good guy long enough. Now it’s time for me to get seriously evil. I always wanted to play a cool villain. And since the bad guy in Dhoom 2 is multi-dimensional, playing this nightmarish guy is a dream come true.”

Hritik Roshan best movie list

Hritik Roshan filmfare awards

  • Filmfare Best Debut Award [ Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai,2000]
  • Filmfare Best Actor Award [ Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai ,2000]
  • Filmfare Best Actor Award [ Koi Mil Gaya ,2003]
  • Filmfare Critics Award for Best Performance [ Koi Mil Gaya ,2003]
  • Filmfare Best Actor Award [Dhoom 2,2007]

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