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Last 20 Miss USA Titleholders

Last 20 Miss USA Titleholders

Last 20 Miss World Winners

A picture of each woman crowned 'Miss USA' in the last 20 years. 

1. Miss USA 1991 – Kelli McCarty from Liberal, Kansas

2. Miss USA 1992 – Shannon Marketic from Malibu, California

3. Miss USA 1993 – Kenya Moore from Detroit, Michigan

4. Miss USA 1994 – Lu Parker from Charleston, South Car

5. Miss USA 1995 – Shanna Moakler from New York

6. Miss USA 1996 – Ali Landry from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

7. Miss USA 1997 – Brandi Sherwood from Boise, Idaho

8. Miss USA 1998 – Shawnae Jebbia from Boston, Massachusetts

9. Miss USA 1999 – Kimberly Pressler from Franklinville, New York

10. Miss USA 2000 – Lynnette Cole from Columbia, Tennessee

11. Miss USA 2001 – Kandace Krueger from Austin, Texas

12. Miss USA 2002 – Shauntay Hinton from Starkville, MS, District of Columbia

13. Miss USA 2003 – Susie Castillo from Lawrence, Massachusetts

14. Miss USA 2004 – Shandi Finnessey from Florissant, Missouri

15. Miss USA 2005 – Chelsea Cooley from Charlotte, North Carolina

16. Miss USA 2006 – Tara Conner from Russell Springs, Kentucky

17. Miss USA 2007 – Rachel Smith from Clarksville, Tennessee

18. Miss USA 2008 Crystle Stewart from Missouri City, Texas

19. Miss USA 2009 Kristen Dalton from Wilmington, North Carolina

20. Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih from Dearborn, Michigan

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top 50 Most Desirable Arab Women of 2010

Here are pictures of top 50 most beautiful and desirable Arab celebrities. We have compiled this list with popularity, talent, charm, sense of style and most web searches of these Arab women. Feel free to let us know if you are agree with the rankings or not!

50. Marielle Beainy Tanios, Beautiful TV Presenter from Lebanon.

49. Waed, Beautiful Singer and Musician from Saudi Arabia.

48. Rania Sabeh, Model and Television presenter from Lebanon.

47. Afef Jnifen, a Showgirl, Model and TV Presenter from Tunisia.

46. Leila Bekhti, Movie and TV Actress from Algeria.

45. Arwa singer, Beautiful Singer from Yemen.

44. Anabella Hilal, Model and TV Actress from Lebanon.

43. Amina Kaddur, Supermodel of Algeria.

42. Myriam Benzerga, Very Beautiful Model from Algeria.

41. Manel Filali, Beautiful Singer from Yemen.

40. Zahia Dehar, Famous Celebrity of Algeria.

39. Wafaa Kilani, Television Presenter from Egypt.

38. Dana Halabi, Singer and TV Model from Kuwait.

37. Nadine Njeim, An Actress from Lebanon.

36. Yasmine Hamdan, Beautiful Singer from Syria.

35. Dima Sadek, Beautiful Television Personality of Lebanon.

34. Carole Samaha, Most Beautiful Singer from Lebanon.

33. Brigitte Yaghi, Young Singer from Lebanon.

32. Nadine Aghnatios, Television Host from Lebanon.

31. Karina Eid, a Beautiful Singer, Pianist, Music Arranger and Composer from Lebanon.

30. Madeleine Matar, Famous Pop Singer from Lebanon.

29. Maya Diab, A Singer from Lebanon.

28. Booby Julia, Model and Belly Dancer from Egypt.

27. Nicole Saba, Pop Singer and Actress from Lebanon.

26. Rania El Hussein also known as Ruby an Actress and Singer from Egypt.

25. Sofia Essaidi, Famous Singer from Morocco.

24. Nadine Labaki, a Dircetor and Actress from Lebanon.

23. Dominique Hourani, Beautiful Model and Singer from Lebanon.

22. Imane El Bani, Beautiful Model from Morocco.

21. Rima Fakih, Lebanese American Beauty who was crowned as Miss USA 2010.

20. Karima Adebibe, Cute Actress and Model from Morocco.

19. Nivine Nasr, Hot Singer from Egypt.

18. Rola Saad, Beautiful Arabic Model and Singer from Lebanon.

17. Lamitta Franjieh, Beautiful Catwalk Model from Lebanon.

16. Melissa, Famous Lebanese Arabic Pop Singer.

15. Shakira, World’s Most Famous Female Singer from Colombian, (Lebanese).

14. Amina Al Alam, Beautiful Model from Morocco.

13. Sandy Singer, Beautiful Egyptian Female Singer.

12. Myriam Fares, Arabic Pop Star from Lebanon.

11. Nawal El Zoghby, Famous Arabic Singer from Lebanon.

10. Miriam Clink, a Beautiful Model from Lebanon.

9. Amar singer, Beautiful Pop Singer from Lebanon.

8. Mona Abou Hamzeh, Beautiful TV presenter from Lebanon.

7. Amelia Zidane, Famous belly dancer from Algeria.

6. Nancy Ajram, Arabic Pop Singer from Lebanon.

5. Elissa, an award winning Arabic pop singer from Lebanon.

4. Cyrine Abdelnour, Lebanese actress, model and singer.

3. Rouwaida Attieh, Syrian Vocalist.

2. Hayfa Wehbeh, Most beautiful pop Singer from Lebanon.

1. Sofia El Marikh, an Arabic pop singer from Morocco.

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