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Instant Mehndi or Henna Tattoo for Modern Women

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Instant Mehndi or Henna Tattoo for Modern Women
Mehndi ceremonies are part of weddings and festivities in most Asian countries.  Mehndi tattoo ceremony is usually done a day or 2 before the actual wedding day.  In the Mehndi ceremonies, the women of both clans take turns having their hand and feet painted on.  However, in this modern time, the four day wedding ceremonies would entail so much of your time.  Thus, the use of instant mehndi tattoo is a growing industry to help speed up the laying of the tattoo but continue to celebrate wedding traditions.
Using instant mehndi tattoo will allow you the choices of designs and instantly create that magnificent design you wish to wear in your wedding day.
There are two types of instant mehndi tattoos. 
One is the transferable type where you will buy the design pre-printed on a stencil paper and transfer it to your skin with the use of water.
The next instant mehndi tattoo is the mehndi tattoo kit where there is a stencil for you to use as guide and mehndi past and oil to help transfer it to your body. 
In both types of instant mehndi tattoo, one need not hire a professional mehndiwallis.  A friend can help you transfer the designs into your hand and feet in no time.  This will give you enough time to celebrate the rest of the evening with the usual song and dances that celebrate the future you face with your groom.
What are the designs available in an instant mehndi tattoo design? 
  • Floral tattoos
  • Animal tattoos
  • Body art designs
  • Various shapes for belly tattoo
  • Celtic designs
  • Arm band designs

Other designs on top of this list are likewise available.  As you may have noticed, the designs are not for weddings alone.  This is because tattoos in this generation are not solely for weddings and festivities but likewise a fashionable statement used by young women and men as well.
For weddings, even with the busy schedules of couples marrying, you will see intricate designs of mehndi tattoos adorning their wedding.
Mehndi tattoos are not only for the bride and the groom but likewise for every woman attending the celebration.  You will think that they spent too much time having the tattoos done?  Probably, it is the magic of instant mehndi tattoos transferred in their bodies just a few minutes the night before the actual wedding ceremony.
Instant mehndi tattoo kits are likewise very useful but unlike the transferable counterpart, it takes several hours to create the design you want from the tattoo kit.
Finally, the option of instant mehndi tattoo is good for the time pressed celebrants, however, having a professional mehndiwallis create your hand and feet tattoo before your wedding is always better.   If you have time to wait until your tattoo dries and turn into a darker mark, it will be a sign that you have a good future with your husband. 
Mehndi tattoo is a traditional part of a wedding ceremony and using instant mehndi tattoo may not be a clear adherence to the tradition but of course, if you are time pressed, this is always the best option.

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