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Mehndi or Henna Is A Great Healer

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Mehndi or Henna Is A Great Healer

Most people know henna or mehendi or  Lawsonia inermis for two things, i.e. (1) as a hair colorant and conditioner, and (2) as a wedding day (or any auspicious day) temporary body tattoo. Very few know that henna is also a great medicinal plant.
The Healing Properties Of Henna
There are many ailments that henna can help with, though it is generally not used for this purpose as the other two uses are far more popular. However, it is good to know that henna can be of exceptional as a home and herbal remedy:
  1. Burns and scalds – use it for first and second degree burns by applying it in the form of powder or paste to the affected area whereby it decreases pain, reduces fluid loss which is a critical aspect is the burnt area is large and it is germicidal and anti-microbial effect which prevent infection. It has been observed that the henna sticks to the burnt part until it heals which is excellent as it acts as a natural bandage or dressing.
  2. Ulcers and open wounds – When applied on open wounds or ulcers, it relieves pain and heals and nourishes the injured part. This is why it is recommended for use by diabetic patients as it fills in cracks at the heel if any, and heals ulcers that are difficult to cure otherwise.  When used for gargling it cures mouth ulcers, i.e. tongue, lips and cheeks.
  3. Anti-inflammatory properties – when used on abscesses it reduces inflammation as it fight the infection and heals it.  You can apply henna in combination with Roghan-e-Zaitoon to fight scalp boils, as well.
  4. Fights fungal infection – when nails are affected and disfigured by fungal infection, applying henna will help in regaining the normal shape of the nail as the nail luster. The henna needs to be applied in combination with vinegar
  5. Exceptional insect repellant – henna can be used as an insect repellant. Keep a few leaves (well dried) inside your clothes closet to make it insect-proof.
  6. Chicken pox aide – if henna is applied to the soles of the feet of those affected by chicken pox and small pox, there will be no harm done to the eyes by these diseases. Also, the pox dries up faster.
  7. Heals leprosy wounds – soak henna leaves overnight in water and drink the decanted water early morning on empty stomach for 40 days; it will heal leprosy wounds.
  8. Relieves heat headache – the smell of henna flowers can relieve the headache induced by heat.
  9. Fights jaundice – soak henna in water overnight and drink the water in the morning; it fights and cures jaundice.
  10. Cures nose bleeds (epistaxis) – apply henna as powder in the nose when bleeding; it works much better than cauterization because it sticks to the bleeding area until it is healed.  In most cases only one application is sufficient.  Henna can be used safely to stop bleeding from any other part of the body with the same effect. Use it in powder form for this purpose.

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